How to Improve your Online Lead Generation

A lead is a prospective customer who is in the market for your product, but has not yet conveyed an intention to buy from you. Lead generation is the process of generating customer interest for your product. Typically it involves bringing the prospect to your landing page and getting their contact information to hook them up with your product. Lead Generation is the first and the most crucial step in sales & marketing. In this post, I will cover the ways to

improve your lead generation.

    1. Use your corporate blog to create Search Engine optimized content
      One of the most crucial tools for generating the leads is the search engine. Focus on optimizing your website for your target keywords. The best way to optimize, is by creating great content that is relevant to your target market. The blog helps you create a reputation for your brand, maintains a captive audience and makes your website attractive for search engines.

  1. Actively build your reputation in the social media
    If you are in the B2B space, you must look into social media tools such as Twitter and LinkedIn to build networks with the early adopters & prospective customers, and create a reputation. By engaging the audience and building conversations, your personal as well as your business brand get noticed.
  2. Include links to your landing page in your social media profiles
    When you are creating an audience through social media, you must not forget to include links to your landing page from your profile. Also, periodically you can post a link to your product (but be transparent that you are doing the promotion for a product you make). Without those links & connections, the value of the audience diminishes.
  3. Create interactive content that people would love to share
    In social media, people love to share interesting media content. Content that is mostly shared include, infographics, presentations, images and videos. Infographics are particularly attractive for the B2B audience, since a well designed graphic can compress a lot of relevant information. Create such content and make it easy for your audience to share them in the social media (using social share buttons prominently on the website).
  4. Optimize your landing page
    Last and most important step involves optimizing your landing page to convert the visits into leads. The landing page must clearly tell what your product is and have a prominent “call to action” button, such as “Buy now” or “Sign up now”. You should also pay attention to the mobile market and make sure your landing page renders well on the iPhone, Blackberry and Android.