9 Ways to Make your Content Stick

In the online world, content is the king and sticky content is one that people read, share, recommend, remember and often go back and refer. Creating sticky/viral content gives you a leg up in your inbound marketing strategy.

In this post, I will show you nine tips to make your content stick better.

  1. Pick the right topic. While it is true that great content can be built on any topic, you are more likely to succeed when you pick a topic that is truly relevant to your audience and something in which you have an authority.
  2. Pick the right channel. Each channel has their own quirkinesses. For instance, a tumbler might be more suited to create a short and sweet, while conventional blogs are more suitable for a page length reading and bigger content could be made into a slideshare presentation, ebook or a white paper. The content has a higher probability of sticking if it is suited to the channel.
  3. Make the content informative. A bland content that has nothing to inform will never become sticky. The topic should be relatively worthy and your content should be something that people should learn from and should have as high information to filler content ratio as possible.
  4. Make the content clear and simple. It is easier to write something more complex than write it simple without losing out on the information. Some might assume that complexity means scholarly. If you notice the best posts, videos or images, they tend to be simple and could be understood by a wide variety of people.
  5. Be concrete. John F. Kennedy asked, “Can we put a man on the moon before them?” That inspired a whole generation of Americans to learn about space. If he asked an abstract question, both the space race and his Presidential legacy would be less important in history.
  6. Include compelling stories. People love to create and hear stories. Our ancients created parables that lasted 1000s of years. Stories are entertaining and can be retold easily. They make human brains to associate with your points easily.
  7. Judiciously mix humor. Don’t make the content bland, even if you are writing about quantum mechanics. The best thinkers in the world, such as Einstein and Gandhi are masters of using humor in their sayings even though they dealt with the most serious topics humanity could think of.
  8. Make the content credible. Include any facts, quotes, images and statistics that make the assertions in your content more credible and relevant.
  9. Make it emotional. People love to remember and share content that got an emotional connect with them. The content need not burst open the tear gates, it just needs to be something people can empathize or relate to.