Optimize Your Landing Page for Better Sales Conversion

Have you ever wondered why your website traffic is not converting into actual sales? Many companies spend a lot on their Search Engine Optimization (SEM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) to bring people to their websites. However, when it comes to sales conversions many of the campaigns are not succeeding enough. What is the problem?

One of the biggest things web-marketers often miss out is, optimizing the landing page that is the first entry point of the visitors (many of whom clicked an ad) to their website. This leads to missed leads and lost sales.

Here are the 8 main elements of landing pages that convert:

  1. Create a landing page for each of your major campaigns (Google Adwords, Facebook ads) and give the visitor some sort of a connection from where they came from (such as “Welcome *Facebook user name*”).
  2. Make the page simple, without a lot of your navigation elements and too much of intimidating content.
  3. In the first 2-3 lines of the landing page, succinctly explain about your product/service and tell your visitor what is in it for him/her. Ideally include a screenshot or an image that will show your product in action to take home the point further.
  4. Include a single call to action button (CTA) button that asks the user to perform a certain action (subscribe to our newsletter, try our demo, sign up for an account, etc.).
  5. Use only 2-3 colors on the page and show your CTA button, product messaging contrasted from your background. Don’t include anything that will distract the user from the main message.
  6. Include information to reach your support desk (toll free number, live chat link, email link etc.) to help the user complete the loop in case he/she gets stuck in one of the steps.
  7. At the top of the page, include information about your product’s top 3-4 benefits and how it is typically used. Be clear, honest and direct. Don’t promise the moon. Being clear will make the customer trust you better.
  8. Include a couple of well-written testimonials from your current customers, below the CTA button. You could also include the names of well known clients (and their logos) in the page, after getting their approval.
Landing pages are very crucial to your web marketing efforts and by not paying sufficient attention to them, you risk wasting precious advertising dollars. Use the comments below to let us know, what worked for you.