Month: July 2012

6 Ways Your Blog Can Improve Your Sales

Blogging is one of the most important components of inbound marketing. Many businesses, big and small, have adopted blogs as one of the main means of connecting with the customer. In this post, I will cover the main advantages of blogging related to your sales. Improves the brand visibility and draws visitors to the website…. Read more »

8 Lessons for New Salespeople

If you are recruiting a new member to your sales team, what are the first things you teach them? In this post, we will cover the 8 lessons drawn from the top salespeople. Love to meet people. This is one of the most important qualities of a salesperson. You must start loving the adventure of… Read more »

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Amidst a lot of advertising dollars moving to social media, some marketers are wondering if email marketing is relevant anymore. The fact remains that, email is still the cheapest medium for marketing messages and one of the best ways to reach the non-yuppie crowd. Forrester predicts that email spend will grow 50% in the next… Read more »

Avoiding the Outrageous Mistakes That Can Kill Your Sales

Have you found issues in your sales conversion? Do you feel your sales team is underperforming? Find out how many of these things you do. Not knowing what you sell. The most important thing a salesperson has to do is, learn the product inside-out. They must be quite confident in answering various queries related to the… Read more »

Learn How High Touch vs. Low Touch Can Effect Your Product Marketing Plan

What do you do when you want to buy a car? If you are a typical buyer, once you have identified the need, you start searching for various options, visit various auto dealers, do test drives and only after a relatively long process you finally press your purchase button. During his process, the salesmen have… Read more »

Your Customer’s 6-Step Buying Process

How do users decide to buy? In this post, I will cover the six steps in the sales process. It is very important that the sales team understands the user’s thought process at each stage and use appropriate tactics to lead them all the way to the end. Status Quo – The buyer at this… Read more »