Avoiding the Outrageous Mistakes That Can Kill Your Sales

Have you found issues in your sales conversion? Do you feel your sales team is underperforming? Find out how many of these things you do.

  1. Not knowing what you sell. The most important thing a salesperson has to do is, learn the product inside-out. They must be quite confident in answering various queries related to the product. If you don’t the product, your prospect will trust your judgment less.
  2. Not doing the homework to understand the customer and figure out their main pain points. Before any sale, a homework is involved to research the customer and understand their business. Successful salespeople know their prospect’s business well and can tailor their pitch using that knowledge.
  3. Not asking relevant questions. A sales meeting is not a one-way street. You must ask the customer a lot of relevant questions to understand their needs and problems. Without asking questions, you are doing your sales, blind.
  4. Not listening to the customer. Great sales persons listen. They understand the verbal and non-verbal aspects of the conversation. They observe the various signs thrown by the customer, to gauge the progress. By paying attention you command respect from your counterpart.
  5. Getting distracted with your gadget. The modern gadgets are both a boon and a bane. However, when it comes to meetings, they are mostly a bane. Switch off your cell phones and tablets, and keep your 100% focus on the customer. There is nothing more irritating than a mobile phone that constantly interrupts the sales pitch.
  6. Not talking in a language that the customer really understands. When you fill your meeting with jargons and obscure terminology, you put your customer off-guard. This takes the attention out of the pitch and diverts it to a direction that you don’t want.
  7. Focusing on price instead of value. First convey the value, before focusing on the price. Especially in the B2B segment, your customers want to first understand the value and benefits, before wanting to talk about the price.
  8. Not following up. No sales meeting really ends there. You have to follow up the lead and complete the loop. If you don’t follow up, your sales meeting ends up in vain.
  9. Quitting too easily. Sales requires a lot of patience. If you quit too early, you never succeed. When a customer says “NO”, understand if there are future prospects and keep the contact for future reference. Convince them to offer you a future meeting when the conditions change.
  10. Taking rejections personally. Rejections are a part of the sales process. Not even the best in the business can pull off home runs for every ball. Just get on with your rejections.

Image by Sean McEntee