8 Lessons for New Salespeople

If you are recruiting a new member to your sales team, what are the first things you teach them? In this post, we will cover the 8 lessons drawn from the top salespeople.

  1. Love to meet people. This is one of the most important qualities of a salesperson. You must start loving the adventure of meeting new people, radiating that will send positive vibes to your prospect. Great salespeople just love to be with people and start conversations. They don’t wait for an opportunity to strike an conversation.
  2. Forget about the product. Think about the Problem. Customers don’t need a new product. They need a solution to an existing problem. Once you understand the problem and connect with the customer to talk in terms of the problem, you can get their ears.
  3. Stop being annoying. Be pleasant. Great sales guys have a charm that is too hard to dismiss. While the salespeople at the lower rung of the ladder can get away with being annoying, at the top level,  salespeople are smooth talking and pleasant.  Be someone with whom the customer can build a relationship.
  4. You were given one mouth, but two ears. Listen to your customers more than just presenting your product. People love when they are paid attention to and when their points are recognized.
  5. Grow a thicker skin. Some times you will be shown the door, maybe even insulted. Some people have an inherent hatred for sales, keep an optimistic disposition and these events will effect you less and less
  6. Be patient and relentless. Sales is one of the toughest aspects of a business. It might take two, four, or more meetings with the customer to close out a deal. Be patient through the process…good things come to those who wait.
  7. Conversion can happen anytime. When a customer says “NO”, don’t just sulk or react negatively. Be polite and be available to them. The deal could be closed anytime in the future. However, if you react badly to the “NO”, you can just ruin your future sales.
  8. Talk in a language the prospect understands. Most people outside your industry might not understand your jargon. Be sure to guage your prospect’s sophistication. When in doubt, go simple.
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