6 Ways Your Blog Can Improve Your Sales

Blogging is one of the most important components of inbound marketing. Many businesses, big and small, have adopted blogs as one of the main means of connecting with the customer. In this post, I will cover the main advantages of blogging related to your sales.

  1. Improves the brand visibility and draws visitors to the website. Blogs allow you to build traffic to your website. People love to read good content and once you have built a readership, you can get a constant stream of visitors to the site. Some of these visitors can be converted to become hot leads. Apart from this, you get to build your brand visibility to prospects in your industry.
  2. Helps the customer understand the product. The biggest advantage of a business blog is that it lets you directly connect to your customers and provide them the content they need to know your product. You can present tutorials, how-tos, feature presentations and rationale behind each of the major features. This improves the confidence of the customer before proceeding with a purchase. It also reduces the number of support calls.
  3. Builds thought leadership in your niche. A well written blog with good content can help you establish thought leadership. Your blog can make you look more credible and trustworthy. Well thought-out posts can make the prospects understand your quality and command respect.
  4. Shows the human side of your company to your prospects. Instead of just presenting business side of things, successful blogs also showcase the human side of things. You could post videos and images from your internal meetings or morale events. This makes you appear more human and people want to connect with other people, instead of an invisible business.
  5. Improves the SEO score of your website. Once you start posting on a lot of topics in your niche, you build enough link-juice and help your website appear higher for many of your target keywords. This can bring a lot of new visitors with no advertising dollar spent.
  6. Virally spread the website through social media. Blogs allow social share options and commenting and both of these are great to help your idea go viral. If you enable Facebook commenting on your blog, your links start appearing in the feeds of of those who comment on your blog. This gets your brand to a large audience.
Image source: Owen Brown