Month: August 2012

Key Lessons From The 5 Greatest Sales Guys of Our Time

Ray Kroc – This is the guy who took McDonalds from a weak, local joint into a world-domination corporation. He is the quintessential salesman-CEO who defined sales as “the gentle art of letting the customer have it your way”. He helped create the “Roland McDonald” mascot that is now ubiquitous across the world. He understood the changing food needs… Read more »

9 Ways to Create a Memorable Experience for Your Customers

Selling new products to an existing customer is quite easy compared to selling existing products to new customers. Thus, it is very important that you retain as many customers as possible and make your existing customers become your biggest source of future sales. To do this, you have to create memorable experiences and wow them…. Read more »

Customizing the Marketing Messaging for 5 Main Types of Customers

When you are launching a new product to a market, not all people will buy it immediately. Some would try anything new and buy it for the novelty, some would wait for the review of early adopters and others might join only after the world around have bought the product. Marketing people must understand these… Read more »

How to Make your Product Go Viral

Viral Marketing refers to a phenomenon where a product/idea quickly spreads in the market, primarily through the word of mouth from the existing users. Viral marketing can substantially cut the advertising costs and also can put down the competition by quickly cornering the market. Some of the products that mainly relied on viral marketing include… Read more »