Month: September 2012

How To Do Email Marketing That Doesn’t Piss People Off

For many e-mail users, their daily struggle is the same: Wake up, pour a cup of hot coffee, and check their inbox hoping for some engrossing morning reads from their favorite web gurus. To their disappointment, they log in to find a myriad of “special offers,” “big discount coupons”, and other spammy texts that aren’t… Read more »

How-To Guide: Use LinkedIn To Generate Business Leads

LinkedIn isn’t only for busy employees looking for new career moves. This first-of-its-kind professional network is a haven for businesses to generate new contacts and leads in ways never before possible. Whether you’re new to social media marketing, or simply trying to expand your prospects beyond the world of Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is a vital strategy… Read more »

The Art of Scoring Sales Leads

In many businesses, the number of sales leads generated can quickly overwhelm the sales force. Following a lead can be expensive and it might be impossible to follow all the leads. In sales there is a 80-20 rule that states that 80% of business comes from 20% of leads. An average person who has just… Read more »