Month: October 2012

Marketing Lessons: From The Social Psychology Of Persuasion

Social behavior and selling go hand in hand. Effective marketing, really, is little more than a reflection of known social persuasive methods. Social psychologist and author Robert B. Cialdini knew this better than anyone when he penned his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. In its pages, Cialdini discusses six pillars central to the social psychology of persuasion. Below, we… Read more »

Optimize Your Website for Inside Sales Lead Generation

Lots of people talk about how to use social media and other inbound marketing tactics to increase the number of leads your brand generates. Let’s table that discussion just for a moment and examine a piece of your lead generation machine that is far closer to the conversion – your website. Your website is your… Read more »

Engaging Your Prospects – The Gamification Of Lead Generation

Lead generation is perhaps one of the most vital challenges facing any online business that competes on the social web. The problem is, with so many blogs, brands, and business profiles clamoring for attention, traditional methods of capturing lead information are beginning to go unnoticed. An underutilized but incredibly effective tactic is to “gamify” your marketing system and make… Read more »

26 Radical Beliefs Of Superstar Business Leaders

DAN WALDSCHMIDT is the Managing Director of Waldschmidt Partners International, a niche strategy agency providing creative solutions to complex business problems for some of the biggest companies in the world.  The Wall Street Journal calls his business insights the “best in the world”. And he’s been profiled in BBC, Business Insider, INC Magazine, Business Week, and… Read more »

How To Nurture Your Leads Like a Pro

Do your prospects see you as a welcome guest, or an uninvited pest? Believe it or not, the success of your marketing funnel depends on this more than anything else. The moment you come across as “just another salesman” shouting generic ads at them, you instantly become less believable, and gradually get tuned out altogether…. Read more »