7 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople

Sales is a tough art to master.  Now, what differentiates the ordinary salesperson from an extraordinary one? We analyzed some of the popular sales people of our time and here are the traits that are most common in successful sales guys.

  1. Do an exhausting research on the customer. This is the most important trait of a great sales guy. You must know everything about the customer and where his/her pain points lie. The homework will both help you target the right customer as well as convince the customer that you are the right supplier. Without sufficient homework, your arguments will sound too shallow.
  2. Convey empathy and strike a chord with the customer.  A sales guy should put himself in the customer’s shoes and make the customers see him/her one among their “flock”. This is the reason why many of the top sales pitches happen out of the office and on a golf course. Customers love to deal with sales guys who can reason like them.
  3. Be a problem solver.  A sales guy should not see himself/herself merely as a mover of the goods from the company to the customer. A sales guy should be a problem solver who can identify the customer’s painpoints and find the right solutions for them. If you consistently come up with solutions that makes the lives of your customers easier, you will build enough trust to sell your goods. Think of sales as a win-win proposition and your customers will start loving (and buying from) you.
  4. Be a great listener.  Sales is not merely about explaining about your product and getting the customer to sign the check. It is about actively listening to the customer. By being a good listener you gain the respect of your customer. Pay attention to both the verbalized as well as the unverbalized part of the conversation.
  5. Never give up.  Never give up on a lead after the first conversation. Situations and requirements change. If the customer is not ready for your product now, keep him in the loop for future calls. Offer them solutions that might not directly lead to your sales, but still improve the business of the customer. See sales as one involving building relationships.
  6. Never lose your temper.  Salespeople deal with rough customers who hate the sight of a sales guy. There might be insults – minor and not so minor that sales guys face daily. It is very important for the sales rep to have thick skin; keeping your cool is one of the first things successful sales guys master.
  7. Always be optimistic. There are times when none of your leads convert to sales. It is always a painful feeling. A great salesperson knows that very few leads convert to sales and knows to stay optimistic. A lot of times, the customer who says nothing could change his/her mind will call you back later.

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