4 Inside Sales Tools to Enhance Your Salesforce CRM

Inside Sales Tools

Are you using your CRM to its full potential?

The salesforce.com platform supports a robust set of inside sales tools designed to increase your efficiency and productivity. Salesforce offers its own tools for inside sales teams. You can also find a lot of powerful apps in the AppExchange.

Whether you want to manage your data more effectively, contact your leads more quickly, or reduce the amount of time your reps spend talking to the wrong prospects, you can rest assured — there’s absolutely an app for that.

Let’s take a look at four inside sales tools you can use to enhance your Salesforce CRM.

1. Console for Sales

Salesforce.com designed its Console for Sales specifically for inside sales teams that manage and update large volumes of records. As Mike Gerholdt points out on the ButtonClick Admin blog, the console is a huge timesaver for people who do a lot of calling and list building.

It provides sales tools that allow you to customize your Salesforce account. You can see the most relevant data on a single screen. Assemble data from your marketing automation system, chat tools, gamification platform and more — all in one place.

Watch this brief video to see how to use these sales tools more effectively:

2. Evernote Business

Evernote Business is a handy Salesforce app that helps you capture, find and share important information on opportunities and customers.

The power of Evernote’s sales tools is that they allow you to save your notes — in various formats — in a single location and attach them to a Salesforce record. For example, you can view written notes, images of business cards and scanned documents.

Evernote’s sales tools also provide a search feature that reduces the time it takes to find relevant notes about a key contact or account. When you add a note, it shows up in your colleagues’ Chatter feeds.

3. PowerDialer

The InsideSales.com PowerDialer boosts productivity and increases visibility. PowerDialer combines a robust set of sales tools that enable your reps to immediately respond to Web leads, leave recorded voice messages with the click of a button and automatically log call metrics in Salesforce.

One of the most popular features of PowerDialer is called LocalPresence, which shows your prospects a local phone number, even when you’re calling from thousands of miles away.

You can use these sales tools to improve your contact rates and monitor your reps’ call activity.

4. Fileboard

Fileboard can help you improve your close rates by identifying the hottest opportunities with slide analytics. After you have built a steady pipeline through marketing and prospecting, you will need to find a way to focus on the prospects with the most interest in your solutions.

Unfortunately, though, many inside sales teams can’t tell whether their prospects are viewing their presentations or interacting with their collateral. Fileboard’s sales tools notify you when a potential customer opens your slide deck and shows you how much time that person has spent looking at each slide.

Fileboard’s sales tools automatically save your meeting notes in your Salesforce CRM, saving you time by eliminating manual data entry.

Check out this brief video to see how Fileboard can help you close deals faster: