Month: February 2014

The 4 “Whys” of Sales Pipeline Management Systems

Every company, no matter how large or small, rises or falls on the effectiveness of its sales force. And the effectiveness of the sales force rises or falls on the management of the sales pipeline. Here are 4 key reasons why employing a good sales pipeline management tool is a critical element of success. 1. Accurate… Read more »

5 Sales Metrics Every Inside Sales Manager Must Measure

The abundance of sales metrics available today can be overwhelming. Thanks to marketing automation software, CRM platforms, dialing technology and other sophisticated tools, inside sales managers have access to more data than ever before. This is sometimes both a blessing and a curse. If you try to manage too many sales metrics, you might lose… Read more »

Six Costly Mistakes That Sabotage Your Inside Sales Success

Despite your best efforts, does inside sales success elude you? It’s not that unusual. Inside sales reps and managers often work extraordinarily hard for less-than-stellar results. It’s partly because business is changing, and busy decision makers are increasingly tough to reach. But inside sales teams also make a lot of mistakes that cost them valuable… Read more »

The Art of Using Sales Analytics to Increase Sales

The use of sales analytics has been around for awhile now, and most online marketers and business owners know it well. It is a variety of tools used to track online visitors, sales, conversions, and habits through the use of sophisticated technology and online tools. But how can you maximize this for your own business to get… Read more »

The Right Online Presentation Tools Make All the Difference

At first glance, online presentation tools bring to mind all sorts of highly technical fancy slides and interactive processes. Of course, a lot of those conceptions are true. While the actual presentation is extremely important, having the proper online presentation tools in place after the delivery can make a world of difference with any sales… Read more »