The Art of Using Sales Analytics to Increase Sales

The use of sales analytics has been around for awhile now, and most online marketers and business owners know it well. It is a variety of tools used to track online visitors, sales, conversions, and habits through the use of sophisticated technology and online tools. But how can you maximize this for your own business to get the most out of it?

Fileboard Sales Analytics

Here are six practical ways you can accomplish this using sales analytics to drive new sales:

  1. Use Google key word tools. Google has made it easy for business owners to figure out which key words work the best. Using their key word tool, you can track which words are driving more traffic, which result in more sales and other sales analytics information.
  2. Use You Tube analytics. Google now owns You Tube, and they include an onboard sales analyticstool with You Tube to track how your videos are doing in ad revenue, as well as views, the types of visitors, where they come from, and more. This is valuable sales analytics information, especially if you plan to feature videos on your site.
  3. Do surveys. Find out what your customers want by offering surveys they can fill out online in just a few minutes. Make it simple so people will want to participate. People generally want their opinions heard, as long as it’s not too big of an investment in their time. A simple form with the essential questions is usually all that is needed to find out what you need to know.
  4. Share files and collaborate. One of the best ways to generate interest in your brand is to produce an attractive presentation and share it with interested, targeted customers. Sales analytics tools will help in identifying your potential client base. And the act of sharing files and presentations to interested parties goes a long way to incite excitement for your brand or product.
  5. Network. Networking is the key to generating new leads and stirring up interest in your brand. Find ways to collaborate with others and incorporate sales analytics to profile your potential customer base. Then go after them using the tools that increase excitement for what you have to offer.
There are a number of ways you can increase brand awareness and generate leads. One of the best ways is the effective use of sales analytics. Using the right tools, combining your resources, asking for customer feedback, and collaboration are just some of the most effective ways businesses can reach out. Doing these things on a regular basis uses sales analytics to your advantage, and becomes your own lead-generating service. If you need to increase your customer base (and who doesn’t?) and more effectively use sales analytics to drive sales, contact us. We are the leaders in sales presentation software. We can put together a solution for your business that will incite interest in your brand using a combination of sales analytics and dynamic sales presentation software.