Sales Followup: The Key to Conversions

The prospecting is only half the battle. The sales followup is an important step in achieving conversions, and keeping those sales you have made. So how do you achieve sales followup? How do you stay in contact with important contacts and turn leads into a conversion? How do you keep your current customers happy? If you can answer these questions, you will be ahead of the game, because that’s what it is all about.

Sales Followup

Here are some ways you can achieve adequate sales followup:

  1. Call customers who have indicated an interest in the past. Even though they may not have purchased on the day you approached them, they may have had time to think about it and might be ready to make a deal. You never know until you try. That’s what sales followup is about.
  2. Use email campaigns to stay fresh on their minds. There is a fine line between spam and email sales pitches, so this should be planned wisely. But if you approach sales followup with the attitude that you want to help people, they may respond in a more positive way. Don’t send too many at once, but tell both current and potential customers about any changes, additions, and campaigns you have going to keep them up-to-date.
  3. Use online presentation software. Online presentations allow you to update everyone at once, without the need to send out mass emails all the time. Simply let everyone know the URL of the online presentation and let them know when you make updates. This makes the sales followup process simpler. They can view it at their own leisure this way and respond when they’ve had time to take it all in. Online presentations also allow you to integrate collaboration from others.
  4. Communicate activity with sales agents. When someone reads an email or views an online presentation, it is a good idea to let sales agents know. This tells them who has been recently exposed to the information you gave them and gives them a chance to start on their sales followup. It might increase the chances of a conversion if they respond immediately.
  5. Find a reliable sales automation tool. One of the best ways to increase engagement, connect all the dots in a sales presentation and spur customer interest is to find an automation tool that does this for you. You need your sales followup to produce the results you need.

There is no magical formula for sales conversions. But there are numerous tools available that allow you to integrate the communication aspect to the leads aspect to get things streamlined. We are all about sales automation and sales followup. If you need help with your sales followup and are not sure what to do, contact us. We can show you how to use our online sales presentation software and seamlessly integrate it with your leads program for the maximum results.

Photo: Peddhapati