Overcoming Sales Resistance with Sales Presentation Tools

When designing your sales presentation tools you need to inoculate them against the major sources of sales resistance that gurus like Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) wrote about extensively.

Carnegie’s best seller How to Win Friends & Influence People has been in print for 70 years and, as Tim Parker writes on the Intuit Small Business Blog:

“Ultimately, a sales transaction is a conversation between two people — whether in person, on the phone, or online. One person wants to buy; the other wants to sell. The conversation is the bridge that makes it all happen.”

Close more sales with the right presentation tools

Convincing potential customers that yours is the product that they need to buy is a bridge-building process that must begin with removing obstacles of natural resistance to change. Another expert, Guy Kawasaki, writes about five sources of sales resistance in his book Enchantment: The Art of Changing, Hearts, Minds, and Actions (Penguin Books, 2011):

  1. Satisfaction with the status quo. If your potential customer doesn’t feel a need to change, it’s far easier to do or buy what they are doing or buying. Your presentation needs to demonstrate that the cost of changing does — quantitative as well as qualitative — does not significantly exceed the cost of remaining the same.
  2. Fear of reducing options in resolving some problem or need. If you can’t significantly differentiate yourself from competitors or make a case how your product or service is of higher value with low risk, your sales presentation will be dead on arrival.
  3. Fear of making the wrong choice. Customers — especially large-volume buyers — want to avoid taking risks. The challenge here is to give the potential customer the tools to show how changing the status quo leads to new success.
  4. Reluctance to be the first to buy. Overcoming this variation of sales resistance is a simple matter of pointing to business role models, whose testimonials show how your product placed them on the path to success.
  5. Your product or service doesn’t work at all. This, of course, is an insurmountable obstacle to sales resistance for obvious reasons. In this case, you have much bigger problems than simply improving your sales presentation.

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Photo: reynermedia