3 Tips for Live Business Presentations

Face it: sometimes you just need to face it. Business conventions, product presentations, meeting potential investors or new clients – you have to speak in front of people, maybe 2, maybe 2000. Sometimes things like that happen in a heartbeat, so why not be prepared? In fact, lots of people get completely terrified in situations like this, so panic and fear is a very natural first impression – it all boils down to what you do next. Don’t just focus on giving an insightful, interesting speech. In fact, analyzing everything but your presentation is lifting half the pressure off yourself. Here are three tips to own every presentation situation like a boss.

Presentation Audience

1. Know your audience

Always have a deep understanding of who you are talking to, if you don’t, research it. Chances are that if you go through the presentation with “their” eyes, you will get some ideas what to change, what to drop, what might need more elaborating. Even if you change the tiniest fractions, or don’t change anything at all, it will greatly boost your self confidence.

2. Mix your media

You probably heard it a lot of times already: do not build great walls of text in your presentation. If you want a presentation that is perfectly understandable without you presenting it, do another version for that purpose. Also, use infographics, images of course, but experiment with video and audio content too. If a lot of things happen while you are presenting, it keeps up your momentum and entertains your audience, plus the whole experience will feel more professional, on one condition of course: not overdoing it.

3. Be humble

You don’t tell them you brought them a breakthrough. It is up to their judgement, not yours, and boasting will eliminate your credibility in seconds. However, while being humble and professional, let your enthusiasm emanate from you, hold nothing back. Steve Jobs had the courtesy of looking touched by the capabilities of the iPad. If your expressed honesty is coming from your heart you have nothing to fear, it will have a good vibe with your audience. Please contact us to learn more about how we can optimize your live presentations.

Photo: Doug Belshaw