Sales Automation to Provide Data for your Sales force

DO you remember what is was like to go on your first sales call? It may have been awhile since you have been out there. Do you remember the uncertainty? The fear of the unknown. You wondered if you were going to talk to the client, and if so, what questions were they going to ask. The sudden panic, when being asked specific questions like “tell me about this new product (if you weren’t prepared) or the popular “can you give me a great price?”


With sales automation from Fileboard, you can equip your sales force with up to the minute data and enter business relationships with confidence. Would it help your sales reps to know your clients purchasing patterns, when and how much they order, your prices vs. your competitors? Maybe they have watched your online slides/presentations-would you like to know which slides they watched, and for how long? Sales automation is the answer to a more effective sales force!

Sales Automation: SWOT Analysis


  • Market research while in the field
  • Connect to customer data from any smart device
  • Increased productivity
  • Sharing of info with data supplied from the Sales force
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Faster closing on sales


  • Learning curve: but a learning company is a good thing
  • Less face-to-face interaction with clients
  • Cost


  • Use of mobile devices as a strategic advantage
  • Improved data on clients, their purchasing habits
  • A new sales channel to add to your marketing mix
  • Increased understanding of your competitors and their products
  • Environmental scanning mechanisms for developing new products and detecting opportunities and problems


  • Your competition utilizing the cloud and data science
  • Waiting to long and falling behind your competition
  • Transition with other MIS tools

Would having this data allow your sales force to sell with more confidence? Maybe. Will it help you to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors? Probably. What Sales automation will do is to streamline the selling process to help you close more sales-faster.

10 Things that Sales Automation will do for your company

  1. Sales automation…to forecast sales
  2. Sales automation…utilizes mobile devices and is the ultimate sales tool
  3. Sales automation…allows your company to utilize cloud technology. The future is in data science.
  4. Sales automation…acts as a portable sales office
  5. Sales automation…allows your sales force to collaborate with the home office and other sales reps-daily.
  6. Sales automation…inventory control-increase your turnover rate. Less waste.
  7. Sales automation…streamlines the sales processes
  8. Sales automation…track customer interactions and sales performance
  9. Sales automation…support on product knowledge
  10. Sales automation…to close more deals!

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