Fileboard Live: The Top Performer in Presentation Apps

The Official Fileboard iOS app Fileboard Live is an advanced system of presentation apps that goes with you wherever you and your iPhone or iPad go. Presentation apps are an essential. Fileboard Live works on iOS devices without downloads—with your personal url. But what makes Fileboard Live stand out as a top performer in presentation apps?

fileboard live

#1: Superior Sales Analytics – Fileboard Live includes dynamic and intuitive sales analytics and metrics that you won’t find in other presentation apps. You not only gain access to when sales prospects view (and review) your presentations, but you see how long they spend viewing your presentations, how long they spend on each individual slide, and whether or not they share your presentation with others. Plus, every time new sales prospects view your presentations, the presentation apps immediately notify you!

  • Fileboard live automatically tracks data that leads to sales, so that you never waste time on cold leads.
  • Following-up on potential customers has never been easier because Fileboard live presentation app let you know when and why you should pursue specific sales with specific clients through built-in insight probability metrics.
  • These extensive sales analytics are always tracked in your CRM records.

#2: Built-in Time-Saving Data Processing – Fileboard Live also stands out as a leader in presentation apps because of its automatic data entry functions. From meeting notes to client calls, Fileboard live presentation apps keep track of data for you so that you have more time for the sales functions that really matter. No more sitting around banging keys—and no frustration from endless re-keying! Instead, your mind and time is free to focus on capturing sales and closing deals!

  • This leader in presentation apps also automatically syncs all activity so that you can efficiently share your presentations with any account, lead, or contact with the simple click of one button.
  • Customer communication is also seamlessly captured through the Fileboard live presentation apps, which keeps your accounts and sales data up-to-date and error-free.

#3: Easy Customization – You don’t have to be a computer programmer to customize your Fileboard Live presentation apps.

  • Built-in easy-to-use configurations allow you to customize status, lead changes, and events in real-time. For more information about the Fileboard Live and its top performance in presentation apps, contact us.