Sales Presentation Tracking and Digital Body Language

Interactive online presentations offer the mobile sales force unique opportunities to gauge and hone the power of their pitch. Sales Presentation tracking software allows the astute presenter to assess the prospect’s readiness to buy, his or her specific interests, and the impact of the presentation.

It all comes down to digital body language. In a face-to-face meeting, a salesperson reads the prospect’s body language. Is he checking his watch? Is she nodding in agreement? Is he asking questions? What questions? A digital marketing campaign may not provide opportunities to read physical body language; however sales Presentation tracking software measures the viewer’s digital body language.

Digital body language refers to a viewer’s interactive behavior with the presentation. It includes behaviors such as lingering on a slide or page, clicking on links, opening attachments, skipping ahead, repeating sections, closing a presentation before its completion, and sharing presentations with others. Sales Presentation tracking marks each of these behaviors, allowing the sales team to analyze and plan for further action.

Sales Presentation Tools

Depending on the feedback generated from sales Presentation tracking, a sales team may determine a course of action based on the following three areas:

1. Assess the readiness of the viewer to buy.

How much time does the prospect spend with the presentation as a whole? Watching a presentation in its entirety and sharing it with others may be indications that this is a serious buyer. Sales Presentation tracking tells you when a viewer is spending additional time on slides issuing a call to action; which may also be relevant to a ready consumer. Follow-up actions and efforts may be prioritized according to a prospect’s likelihood to complete a sale.

2. Target specific interests of the viewer for follow-up.

On which specific slides does the viewer linger? Which areas of the presentation does the viewer repeat? Sales Presentation tracking offers insight into which areas of the pitch interest a prospect the most. Once the sales team has determined the viewer’s specific interests, follow-up actions may be streamlined and personalized.

3. Identify areas of strength and weakness in the presentation.

Sales Presentation tracking offers valuable insights into individual prospects; but it also offers feedback regarding the campaign as a whole. When studying the digital behavior of a collection of prospects, are there patterns of engagement and disengagement? Consistently ignored calls to action and abandoned slide shows may indicate that the presentation itself is poorly crafted or that the wrong audience has been targeted.

Our Sales Presentation tracking applications offer critical insight into individual consumer readiness and interests. Feedback also provides a dedicated sales team the opportunity to strengthen the overall campaign. Contact us to learn more.