Tools for Online Sales Tracking Software

Engaging with clients in an increasingly online world to ascertain potential sales requires a sales force to use sales tracking software. Software that allows sales representatives to apply sales analytics to better understand clients and their interest in a given product is important to stay competitive.  No longer can a sales representative just concentrate on making sales.  Sales representatives have to be able to make online presentations and be able to share them seamlessly through social media networks, emails and links through websites.  They also need to track their presentations to be able to accelerate their sales.  An effective online sales acceleration tool needs to be able to provide the following:


For sales presentation to be displayed on any platform–say laptop, smart phone, and/or tablet–a sales rep needs to access it from the cloud.  This way, a presentation is accessible from any device.

sales tracking

Social Network

Sales reps need to be able to share their presentations through various online channels seamlessly. These days clients conduct their own product research, learn about products from friends recommendations on their social networks and other media channels.  A sales rep can then optimize the effectiveness of their presentations when they can share them on these networks and enable their clients to do so with their networks.

Sales Tracking Software

Once a presentation is shared with a client, a sales rep should be able to track it.  They should be able to receive notification of when a client receives the presentation, how long the client spends on the presentations, whether and when it was shared with people in the client’s social network.  All this data will help the representative measure a particular client’s engagement with the presentation so that sales reps can then focus on the clients that will actually buy the product.

Sales Rankings

For a sales rep to know which clients are worth pursuing, sales tracking software should be able to provide rankings for each client, indicating how much the client has engaged with the presentation.  This is a measure based on the time spent by client on the presentation, the level of interest in the product and enthusiasm for it based on whether they have “liked” it on their network and shared it with friends.  This way sales reps use their time effectively and not chase false leads.

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