Fileboard and other ClearSlide* Alternatives

Which companies are real ClearSlide alternatives? Why are screensharing, email tracking and presentation building companies often labeled as direct ClearSlide alternatives while they are not? In this blogpost we will address these questions and will also highlight why Fileboard qualifies as one of the closest ClearSlide alternatives.

The first question we need to answer is what the needs are that ClearSlide and one of its closest alternatives Fileboard are addressing. Sales enablement platforms such as ClearSlide and Fileboard go deeper when it comes to providing insights into the engagement level of your prospects when they interact with your content. This is the stage after a presentation is created and emailed or a live meeting or screen share has been performed.


Sales people are very much in need of in depth actionable insights related to engagement with their sales collateral which goes further than tracking if the email they have sent out has been opened or not and which presentations have been viewed most. Sales people need to know which slides of the presentation they included in their email or showed during a live pitch or live meeting really addressed the needs and pain points of their prospects most in order to be able to discuss exactly these needs and pain points in a follow up call.

Email tracking

Companies such as Yesware and Signals (by Hubspot) are performing a tremendous job when it comes to helping sales reps to track email engagement with emails that are sent out. Where these companies stop with providing insights (is an email opened or not?) companies like ClearSlide and Fileboard enter into the game and show how long each slide of each presentation that is shared with the prospect is viewed by the prospect. You gain insights into which slides of your presentation are most important by knowing which slides the prospects spent most time on reviewing.

Presentation building

Presentation building tools such as PowerPoint are of great help to people who want to build nice presentations to share with their business contacts and prospects. Sales enablement platforms such as ClearSlide and Fileboard are geared towards showing you which slides of your presentations have been engaged with most. Presentation building tools can simply not replace sales enablement platforms as they cater for needs that are at an earlier stage (content creation stage) and sales enablement platforms address needs that are at the stage of closing deals.

Screen sharing

Screensharing companies such as and GoToMeeting are there to help you share your screen with others. This is extremely useful for many, but sales people need insights into what happened during such a meeting that was performed while sharing the screen. Sales enablement platforms such as ClearSlide and Fileboard do show these insights. Both for example show when there was a screen share going on and when other content such as a presentation or a website was shared. Fileboard goes even further by providing analytics on when the viewer or prospect was paying attention during the screen share or the live meeting you performed, allowing you to gain even more insights into the digital body language of your prospects.

We have mainly touched upon the similarities between ClearSlide and its closest alternative Fileboard. To allow you to learn more about the difference between ClearSlide and Fileboard, you can read the blogpost “Fileboard The Leading Clearslide Competitor’s Pricing.”

If you are a Salesforce customer, you can also download our “ClearSlide vs Fileboard for Salesforce Feature Comparison” whitepaper.

* Clearslide and the Clearslide logo are registered trademarks of Clearslide inc. Fileboard is not associated with Clearslide in any way and its trademarks are only used here for comparative purposes.