Fileboard new version launched!

We love our users. That is why we recently upgraded them to a renewed and better version of Fileboard. At Fileboard we know where the future of sales is heading. It is our mission to make our customers ready for this future. This is why at Fileboard we are continuously innovating to give our clients an edge. This translates into our commitment of making the product constantly better with new features which will help accelerate your sales pipeline and close even more business.

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Now what’s new?

1. Native video sharing through File Links and Live Meetings 
– If you want to upload and share native video’s with your prospects, this is possible now with Fileboard. It works in exactly the same way as uploading and sharing other file types such as PowerPoint and PDF. The benefit compared to only being able to embed Youtube and Vimeo video’s in File Links or Live Meetings is that you can share video’s now that are not hosted on a video sharing platform and only accessible to those you have provided access to by sharing the File Link or Live Meeting.

2. In depth analytics on viewer attention 
– You can now view back in your analytics when the viewers of your Live Meeting or Screen Sharing session were paying attention and when not. The Analytics is shared with you in a timeline view allowing you to get insights into the time and the slides when most attention was paid and the viewers were most engaged. If you can see that during your most important slides no one was paying attention, it might make sense to schedule another meeting to still bring the message across and accelerate your sales pipeline.

3. Engagement score 
– You can now prioritize your prospects not only based on the number of times they had opened your slide decks and the amount of time they looked at it, rather you now also have the option to prioritize parameters and scores based on certain actions that your customers are taking. The engagement score is determined based on our proprietary algorithms and some thresholds that you can define such as how often they viewed the content, how often it was forwarded and more.

The same principle is applied to Live Meetings and Screen Share sessions. You can for example determine what constitutes a valuable prospect’s action based on actions such as whether they viewed or did not view the video you presented during the meeting. Defining such parameters together with our algorithm help you to refine real engagement.

4. Invite prospects directly into Live Meetings by email 
– Sometimes when you schedule a Live Meeting your prospects run late and you are left in the dark about whether they can make it to your Live Meeting or not. To make it easier for you to reach out to them and deliver them a message we have built an email function that allows you to email your prospects directly from within the Live Meeting environment. You also have the option to personalize the text that appears in these email templates and then send it out. You do not have to go back to your email composer and write the email and then send it out. You can simply do this now from within the Live Meeting environment.

5. More options available when sharing File Links 
– Next to enabling Roll Call (collecting contact details before some one can view your content in the File Link) and receiving email alerts when your File Link was opened, you now also have the option to require a passcode, allow downloads, auto expire after open and expire the link on a specific date.

The benefit of a passcode is that only those with the particular code will be able to view the content of the File Link. This can be useful when you are sharing sensitive information and/or information that is only relevant to your prospect.

You can also allow your prospect or anyone with access to the File Link to download the content you shared with them through a File Link. This is useful if you want your receiver to be able to always access and share the content, with or without Internet access.

The auto expire after open is a feature that is very relevant for sensitive information. If you want to be sure this information can only be viewed once and cannot be shared with others, then you should use this option as your File Link will expire after it has been viewed once.

If you are of the opinion that your File Link is not relevant anymore after a specific date, then you can use the option to expire the link on a specific date.

6. Improved presentation viewer 
– To make the presentation viewing and live sales call experience of your prospects even more pleasant we have improved our presentation viewer.

Your viewer can now zoom in and zoom out to view your File Links and Live Meeting slides at a size that suits them best. Furthermore they benefit from the improved smooth experience around the portrait and landscape slides. As the improved presentation viewer is form a more minimalistic design, the content you share is always full focus.

7. Fresh and easy to use user interface 
– We have optimized the user interface in order to allow our users to be able to use Fileboard in the nicest, easiest and most efficient way. You do not only derive a lot of business value but using the product will become second nature.

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