Use These Cold-Calling Tips to Kick Ass on Your Next Sales Call!

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When you are about to start a sales call, do you prepare enough to make sure your sales call will kick ass? How much time do you invest in learning the latest cold-calling tips?

Ever wonder if cold calling is dead?

Entering a sales call not fully prepared is something that happens to the best of us. There is so much that we need to do, especially when our day is fully booked with back to back sales calls.

You might think you will make up for the lack of preparation when you follow up with your prospect. But do you realize how much a well-prepared sales call can help you win a sale faster?

This gets to the heart of why solid preparation for your sales calls is so important. Because when you’re unprepared for cold calling, you don’t just hurt your opportunities to close the deal in that moment, you hurt them with that prospect forever.

We realize that deals aren’t closed in one call and that is what makes preparing your sales calls and following up with your prospects even more important to win the deal faster. We have outlined 7 cold-calling tips that will help you to prepare a kick ass sales call to win deals.

Use These Cold-Calling Tips to Kick Ass on Your Next Sales Call!

1. Be very clear and concise about who you are

cold calling tips be honestIntroduce yourself and your company and explain in a clear and concise way what you and your company do, what your value proposition is, and how the person and the company you are speaking to can benefit from it.

Trying to mislead the person on the other end of the line certainly won’t help you develop the trust you need to close the deal. Be honest, upfront, and focus on making a connection with the person you’re talking to.

2. Explain the purpose of your call

The reason for your call is to help your prospects become successful with your product or service. Explain what you want to achieve right now. Is it to have a short chat to understand the business challenges your prospect faces or are you further in the sales cycle and you want to give the prospect a demo?

Focus on how your product or service can help your prospect overcome their challenge. Your purpose should be very customer-focused and they should know that from the get-go. According to Anthony Iannarino, you need to make sure your client receives the value; it’s not just an opportunity to talk about yourself and your company to no end.

3. Have relevant questions prepared

cold calling tips ask questionsHave questions ready that will help you uncover the underlying needs and challenges of your prospect. It’s one of the most fundamental sales tactics out there.

Here’s an example: The prospect says they are not closing enough deals; this is a clear challenge, but to help your prospect you need to uncover what the reasons are for their low close rates. It can be due to suboptimal sales material, calling prospects at the wrong time, not measuring sales performance in an optimal way, and many other reasons that you can leverage to close the deal. Ask a lot of questions that give you more insight into the challenge the prospect is facing.

4. Position yourself as an expert

Objective advice is valued strongly by your prospects. Be honest about the fit between your offering and the need of your prospect. If it is not a good fit now, guide your prospect to another solution that could help them immediately. When you do this your prospects will not see you as a salesperson anymore, but they will see you as a trustworthy advisor.

It’s important to work on developing this reputation because, even if you change companies or sell other products, your prospects will still buy from you because they know you will put their interests first.

Make sure you are prepared with useful suggestions for the prospect. This requires you to be smart about your own company, and your industry as a whole. Do research on auxiliary products or services to your company that prospects might need. This trust and expertise will cause prospects to come running into your arms when they have an issue.

5. Listen more, talk less

sales tip listenListening is one of the most essential sales skills you can have.

Especially when you have not yet established yourself as an authority and when you are not fully aware of the needs and pain points of your prospect, you need to listen and try to uncover their real needs by asking the right questions.

The information you gather from attentive listening will enable you to really help your prospect. Successful salespeople listen 80% of the time and talk only 20% of the time. When you are a good listener you will also better understand the needs, challenges, or problems your prospect faces.

6. Always ask for referrals

It might be that the prospect you’re speaking to is not the best fit for your offering. In that case successful salespeople always ask for referrals; even if that prospect doesn’t need your services right now, they might know someone who does and can refer them to you.

This is an easy way to grow your network of potential prospects, but very few salespeople do it. Although 91% of customers say they’d give referrals, only 11% of salespeople ask for them. It’s a shame to let all of that potential business go to waste!

When you receive a call from someone who has been referred, they aren’t a stranger. Even though it’s still a cold call, you have something in common with the person who referred you. This will relieve the tension of cold calling and allow you to focus more on creating value and closing the deal.

7. Measure your performance

measure sales kpiYou don’t need sophisticated data and analytics to measure your performance after every call, but you do need a system for tracking basic information. This will help you to develop a process that works best for you.

In order to achieve this you should know what impact each action you take during your sales calls has on your close rate. No list of cold-calling tips is complete without some metrics to help you achieve this. These are some key questions you should ask yourself regularly:

How many times do you interact with prospects in one week?

Which times of interaction work best for you?

Which sales collateral helps you to best accelerate your sales?

Does sending over a follow up email with sales collateral immediately after the sales call work better than sending it later?

(Read this post if you want to learn more about sales KPI and how to measure it.)


In order to kick ass at sales calls, you really need to show your prospects you understand their pain, their needs, and their challenges. Use the cold-calling tips in this article to show your prospects you care about them. This is what will help you to win the prospects’ trust and the deal.

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