Month: October 2014

Sales follow-up email templates that trigger engagement.

Once in a while you go through your pipeline to check the prospects you haven’t heard from for a while. So you try to reconnect with those prospects, hoping to start a new conversations that ultimately leads to new sales, you reaching your quota and getting that extra commission. Most reps often write something like… Read more »

10 Sales Presentation Disasters to Avoid

Remember the time you raced through your sales presentation with sweaty palms and awkward silences where you anticipated questions? That was awful–and unfortunately only one of a ton of different sales presentation blunders we’ve witnessed over the years. From being ill-prepared for questions to poor Internet connections, here are the top 10 sales presentation disasters… Read more »

5 Reasons why Inside Sales needs Data to be Effective

Inside Sales is a term coming from the late 1980s to differentiate complex sales processes from telemarketing. As telemarketing relies on predefined scripts, the inside sales process is much more complex. Besides, Inside Sales doesn’t rely on telephone so much, but instead successful inside sales reps use a bunch of tools to share their screen… Read more »

5 Tips on How to Set and Achieve Inside Sales Goals

The most important things in inside sales are goal setting and achieving goals. You might have read before that goals always need to be SMART, no matter if you are an inside sales manager or inside sales rep. SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-related As an inside sales manager you are setting… Read more »