Sales follow-up email templates that trigger engagement.

Fileboard - How to write a sales follow up that triggers engagement and new sales.

Once in a while you go through your pipeline to check the prospects you haven’t heard from for a while. So you try to reconnect with those prospects, hoping to start a new conversations that ultimately leads to new sales, you reaching your quota and getting that extra commission.

Most reps often write something like this:

Hi John,

How are you?

I just wanted to check-in and see if there’s anything I can help you with? We had a conversation on May 5th and you told me that the start of Q3 would be a good time to reach out again. Do you have 10 minutes to setup a call this week?

Looking forward hearing from you,


If that looks familiar to what you’re usually writing: keep reading. Because the chances that this kind of email is going to trigger positive / a lot of engagement is really small. Lets break down the reasons:

  • It’s selfish, as it’s only about you, not your prospect.
  • You just check in for the sake of checking in. There’s not clear reason for you to reconnect
  • There’s no mention of a personal relationschip, just a basic ‘how are you?’
  • You don’t add any value: you’re asking the prospect for information, instead of providing information
  • You’re disturbing and not relevant with your message.
  • It shows you’re desperate, attempting to say something like “Hey, I’m still there. Please consider us, we’re cool too!”
  • You don’t specify a specific next step, just a generic call-to-action

So how should you write your follow-up emails to make sure they are relevant and trigger engagement? Here are 5 rules:

1. Add value
Your prospects must believe that you care about them, their challenges and their goals before they’re interested in hearing about you. So what you need to do is write an email that provides content, insights or other helpful information. You can get this info from blogs, LinkedIn groups, Google. Make sure you’re adding value, showing you put energy in understanding their business.

2. Be relevant
Start using an sales dedicated email tool, like Fileboard, to track engagement on your emails. This way you know when prospects opened your email – perhaps even one you’ve sent ages ago. You also know which links they clicked inside the email. Those insights help you to be spot-on and super relevant with your next follow-up.

3. Personalise
Value triggers attention, but only if it’s resonating with the recipient. So make sure to personalise your opening with interesting information matching your prospect’s interest or industry. An excellent way is to include an external source. But do make sure to state why you think it’s interesting and don’t forget to include a link. An example:

Hi John,

Three teammates of your were looking at our products page this week. I’ve included a screenshot below.

4.Connect to business goals
Make the reason of you emailing to actually help reach your prospect their business goals. Connect this to the content you’ve included at point #1. An example:

The page they viewed is focused on helping reps close more deals at an accelerated pace.

5. Define a clear next step that focuses on helping your prospect
Remember it’s not about you, it’s about you helping your prospects! An example:

What’s the best way to get 10 minutes of your time to discuss the tools your team has been researching?

Use these 5 tips to write follow-up emails that are relevant, trigger attention and engagement and provide a solid reason to continue the sales conversion! If you use Fileboard for automated follow-up email campaigns, you can immediately implement this knowledge to improve your campaigns and as a result generate more hot leads.

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