Month: November 2014

Sales follow-up is like dating

At Fileboard we often talk about the sales follow-up process in terms of dating. Because everyone has experience with dating, thinking about sales and sales follow-up in this way can greatly improve your results. So lets break down a real-life dating process and compare that to the sales process: Step 0: Your goal Every date… Read more »

Research shows your sales performance can do better, here’s how.

Our friends at Pipedrive just launched a very interesting research about the performance of sales people around the globe. It turned out that Americans are not the best deal closers, even though selling as we know it was invented there. Some other interesting findings: Brazilians need the least time to close a deal, Dutch people… Read more »

Inside Sales and Digital Body Language

Inside Sales is growing and so is the need for transparency into the Digital Body Language of your prospects. What is Digital Body Language? In essence body language is nothing other than non-verbal communication. When you are in a face-to-face conversation with another person both their body and facial expressions are changing, this can be… Read more »