Research shows your sales performance can do better, here’s how.

Our friends at Pipedrive just launched a very interesting research about the performance of sales people around the globe. It turned out that Americans are not the best deal closers, even though selling as we know it was invented there. Some other interesting findings:

  • Brazilians need the least time to close a deal, Dutch people the most.
  • Sales people in Spain only need 3.8 touchpoints to close a deal. Sales reps from the USA need 5.5
  • Countries with high conversion rates close deals faster
  • Conversion rates don’t say everything about sales

Read the full report here.

The report also includes some tips and tricks and it’s interesting to see how much these match with the vision we have at Fileboard. The tips are:

      1. Try improving your conversion rate as much as you can.
      2. Measure the length of your sales cycle.
      3. Calculate your number of activities per an average deal that you win.

This is exactly what we are focussing on at Fileboard: we really want to help sales reps to sell more effectively by tackling those 3 things. So lets see how we help to increase your sales performance:

1. Try improving your conversion rate as much as you can.
To understand and improve conversion, sales reps really need sales engagement metrics: how much is your prospect engaged with your story, which sales collateral do they react on, what works and what doesn’t? Whether you share your screen with Fileboard, give an online presentation, send someone a file or an email, Fileboard tracks exactly what your prospect is doing and scores that behaviour. This really helps you to improve your conversion.

2. Measure the lenght of your sales cycle.
To understand the length of your sales cycle you need to keep track of all the touchpoints you have with your customers. You need a system that saves your and your prospects’ behaviour through time. Using a sales engagement platform like Fileboard does not only store your prospects’ behaviour, but also the performance of you and your team members. Measuring your sales cycle becomes super easy, the data is just there ready for you to grab.

3. Calculate your number of activities per an average deal that you win.
Because a sales engagement platform stores all sales activity, it can instantly show you what effort you put in a deal. Fileboard shows this in the form of a timeline including your effort and your prospects’ behaviour in relation to your sales collateral. No need to calculate, just check the reports and instantly start optimizing your sales process.

The bottom-line is, Pipedrive’s research is right; the only way to truly improve your sales performance is measuring and optimizing the 3 things explained in this article. But the only effective way to do so is by implementing a sales engagement platform like Fileboard in your organisation.
So start improving your sales performance today or check out how Fileboard works.