Month: January 2015

Use your Sales Collateral Performance to close more deals

Do you know which of your sales collateral is driving most sales? Do you select that collateral based on gut feeling when contacting new prospects or presenting to a potential customer? And when you create your sales pitch, do you include slides that support your story, or do you include slides that drive most engagement?… Read more »

The challenges of building a healthy sales pipeline

Building a healthy sales pipeline is crucial to engage in successful sales. Having a well-built pipeline implies that the company is likely to complete its sales targets. However, every company face challenges while they are building their own pipeline. These challenges can vary from company to company but there are 2 important challenges that most… Read more »

Meet Fileboard at SaaStr Annual!

Fileboard proudly announces sponsorship and participation in SaaStr Annual! Wondering how to go from $0 to $100m in ARR? Faster, better, with less stress, and more success. 1000 SaaS founders and execs meeting in one great event to discuss some of the key questions: How to scale your sales team? How to do a full-court press… Read more »

Read our Inside Sales Magazine, become an expert!

We’re proud to announce we just launched our Inside Sales magazine on Flipboard. Our inside sales experts are constantly scanning developments in this field, and now we’re going to share this information with you! When you subscribe to our magazine, you’ll automatically receive content that gives answers to inside sales questions like: How to become… Read more »

6 Steps to Effectively Manage your Sales Pipeline

Every company wants to build and maintain a high performance customer acquisition engine. The best way to do it is by using a sales pipeline through which you can define your sales process step by step. From the initial contact with a prospect to closing the sale, the pipeline is the tool to consult for… Read more »

New in Fileboard: Streamlined Live Meeting environment

Nothing is ever perfect and our team is always working on using your feedback to improve Fileboard. The last weeks we’ve been working hard on improving our live meeting environment and in this blog post we’d like to lay out the new features. Here is what’s new: Streamlined UI We dramatically updated the user interface… Read more »

How American Efficient accelerated their sales cycle by 30%

One of sales biggest challenges is to reach key decision makers. Not being able to reach those results in slow and frustrating sales cycles. American Efficient managed to speed up their sales cycle by 30% using Fileboard. We spoke to Evan DeKases who is director of sales operations at American Efficent to learn how they… Read more »