How American Efficient accelerated their sales cycle by 30%

American Efficient
One of sales biggest challenges is to reach key decision makers. Not being able to reach those results in slow and frustrating sales cycles. American Efficient managed to speed up their sales cycle by 30% using Fileboard. We spoke to Evan DeKases who is director of sales operations at American Efficent to learn how they did this.

American Efficient - Evan DeKaser

Evan DeKaser, Director of of Sales Operations

At American Efficient we promote products and services that can change the world. Our product portfolio is very brought, and each product is sold in its own market. Think about a mobile matchmaker for consumers and services that benefit the social good, to the for household products that do more with less. Our products make discovery easy and fun.

The biggest challenge we experienced in our sales process was to get full attention of decision makers. Prior to using Fileboard, our sales team spent a major part of our time trying to schedule meetings with target decision makers, or we were hoping to catch them during their down time. All in order to give them our pitch. This made our sales cycle very slow and the work somewhat frustrating.

So when we discovered Fileboard we were immediately triggered by the engagement analytics and the seamless integration with Salesforce. We started to upload our pitch decks into Fileboard, created and sent out File Links and also started to conduct Live Meetings. With Fileboard’s engagement analytics we could for the first time see – and even get notified in real time – when and if key decision makers were engaged with our pitch, without having to chase them unnecessarily. This created serious value for our sales process and business. Fileboard freed up lots of time for reaching out to new prospects and significantly sped up our sales cycle by roughly 30%.

The other benefit for our sales team is the seamless Salesforce integration. Before Fileboard we had to manually enter every sales action into Salesforce. With Fileboard, all activity, engagement and touchpoints are synced with Salesforce. This frees up loads of time as we don’t have to manually input our sales activity anymore. I’d say we gained increased sales efficiency of around 25%.

So to conclude, with Fileboard we are able to retroactively follow-up on demos that were just viewed, thereby making better use of our time when engaging business decision makers. And the Salesforce integration resulted in even more efficiency for our sales process.

I would absolutely recommend Fileboard to any business looking for a simple addition to their sales tools, because it will have significant results for your sales cycle and efficiency. Give it a try yourself and drop some feedback in the comments. And if you want to learn more about our company and what we do at American Efficient, check out our website