New in Fileboard: Streamlined Live Meeting environment

Nothing is ever perfect and our team is always working on using your feedback to improve Fileboard. The last weeks we’ve been working hard on improving our live meeting environment and in this blog post we’d like to lay out the new features. Here is what’s new:

Streamlined UI
We dramatically updated the user interface (ui) of the live meeting environment. The core idea is that the interface should focus on what our users do best: presenting and selling. We designed the interface in such way that at each stage of conducting a live meeting you can easily find the necessary features. For example, everything concerning configuring and managing attendees is now centered in the sidebar on the left, clearly seperated from the main content where you focus on presenting.

We tried to make the main content as distraction-free as possible. You start at the toolbar at the top where you control the meeting by selecting what to present. And once your presentation starts, additional features like slide selection pop into view so you always have complete control and focus of your meeting.

Fileboard New Live Meeting Environment

Change meeting configuration
When you start a new live meeting you need to configure it. Now you can change the configuration during your meeting. For example, attach the meeting to another deal or change the access code.

Share presentation access
Lots of customers wanted to be able to make someone else from the team presenter during a meeting. We’ve implemented that feature now. Simply click on a team member in the attendee sidebar and pass presenter controls.

Remove lingering attendees
Do you sometimes see unwanted attendees in your meeting or people that should not be there? You can now easily kick them out by hovering over their name and clicking the ‘kick viewer out’ button.

Fileboard - Kick attendee out

Pointing something out during your presentation is often more effective than explaining it in words. The live meeting environment now has a point mode. Simply click on the point button in the toolbar and start pointing out information on slides to your attendees.

Fileboard - Point out something

Take notes
During presentations you are 100% focussed on your story. But if you forget to take notes you might forget important information that your attendees told you. You can now take notes during your meeting. Simply click on the note button in the toolbar and write down your notes.

Fileboard - Take notes

Review your meeting
When you end your live meeting, you now get a pop-up where you can edit and add notes. You can also start a new live meeting immediately, or view the meeting engagement stats.

We hope that you like these improvements and that it will help you to present and sell more effectively. Please add your thought in the comments or send us an email.