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We’re proud to announce we just launched our Inside Sales magazine on Flipboard. Our inside sales experts are constantly scanning developments in this field, and now we’re going to share this information with you! When you subscribe to our magazine, you’ll automatically receive content that gives answers to inside sales questions like:

  • How to become successful as an inside sales rep?
  • How can I optimize my sales performance?
  • How to give sales pitches that close deals?
  • What are the new development in the Inside Sales field?

Plus we’ll also be sharing Inside Sales knowledge, resources, tips and tricks to boost your sales performance. Subscribe now, become an Inside Sales expert and get advise from industry experts and thought leaders!

How to subscribe
Follow these steps to get our Inside Sales magazine:

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  • Type in “Inside Sales by Fileboard”
  • Click on the image to view the magazine
  • Click the ‘follow’ button on the top right corner
  • Done!