Use your Sales Collateral Performance to close more deals

Do you know which of your sales collateral is driving most sales? Do you select that collateral based on gut feeling when contacting new prospects or presenting to a potential customer? And when you create your sales pitch, do you include slides that support your story, or do you include slides that drive most engagement?

We felt this is a challenge every sales rep faces: How to pick the sales collateral that has the highest chance of closing the deal and will be the most relevant?

So far you had to trust your gut feeling or based your decision on some reference deal. But now with Fileboard, we will show you the raw scientific data. That’s right, sales collateral performance. No more guessing, but a real-time overview of what collateral generated the most enagegement and won the most deals.

Here’s how to view that data:

File performance
Go to the main Files menu and in each section (My Files, Team Files, Company Files) you will see a switch view button. Click on that button to switch from list view to performance view. Now you can see how many times the file was used in file links, live meetings and email, plus how many deals were won and lost.

Fileboard Files Performance

Slide performance
When you click on a file in the Files overview, you get the see the content of that file (the slides). You will see the same switch view button here. Click on that button and the view changes to a list view including performance per slide.

Fileboard Slide Performance

Company wide file performance
Administrators like marketing/sales managers might want to see file performance on company level. We’ve launched a new report called ‘files performance’. Simply go the the Reports menu and select the section “files reports”. You will now see an overview of all files used in your company and you can filter on team, sales rep, date and more.

Fileboard File Performance Report

How these insights help you to close more deals

Depending on your role, there are a couple of ways Fileboard’s file performance insights will greatly help you to close more deals:

Marketing Director / Manager
With Fileboard’s file performance views you now have a much better overview of what collateral is (not) being used in your company, and you can optimize your collateral creation process on that. For example, by looking at the top 20 collateral that closed more deals, you can create similar files and / or slides and instruct sales to start using those.

Sales Director / Manager
You now have a perfect overview of files being used in your team or in your company. This gives insights into what content the most successful sales executive are using on your team with this knowledge you can help those who may not be very successful.  In this way you can ramp up the overall performance of your whole team.

Sales rep
Before approaching a customer, have a look at the file and slide performance. Those insights help you to pick the best collateral in order to win the deal, but also help you to create new pitch decks based on slides that trigger engagement and convert well.

We believe that collateral performance is an essential insight in the sales process, so we have made this available for free for all our users. We hope this will help you to focus your sales even more and close more deals faster!