Month: February 2015

3 Tips for Sales Pipeline Acceleration in 2015

Sales reps make a lot of effort to meet their quota but without sales pipeline acceleration most of them are not able to reach their goal. One of the most important reasons of sales reps’ failure to meet quota is that they have many opportunities in their sale pipeline that never seem to close and… Read more »

Sales Pipeline problems and how to fix them

Sales Pipeline Management is crucial to a successful business and that without it you cannot succeed. It helps to keep track of the business your sales team has pursued, and it functions as a measure of predicted turnover. The more accurate you manage your sales pipeline, the more accurate you can predict your turnover. It’s… Read more »

Traditional Lead Scoring vs Predictive Lead Scoring

Proficiency in inbound marketing helps you to attract a huge amount of leads. But once having plenty of leads you may face the challenge of separating the quality leads from those prospects who are not ready to buy your products or services yet. Lead scoring methods can help you to decide which leads will convert… Read more »