Month: April 2015

Sales Pitch: Mythology of Success or Reality

In today’s sales world very few sales reps are familiar with the art of the effective sales pitch. Experts have a mixed opinion about sales pitch and that’s justified because of the circumstances, the timing, the prospects and many other variables that are involved in the process. As we mentioned the word “art”, you have… Read more »

Sales Development: Are you sure you got it right?

Predictable Revenue has completely redesigned sales development process, an idea that is nearly 30 years old. Nearly 40% of SaaS companies, which survived used sales development. With the breakthrough of latest technologies in business domain, a clear understanding of sales development process is a must. However, as the idea is becoming so mainstream nowadays, it… Read more »

Inside sales vs outside sales

Over the past several decades sales methods have remained mainly the same. Sales organizations employed field sales representatives (also called outside sales representatives) who have met their clients and closed deals face-to-face. However, nowadays sales is undergoing an important transformation. Many sales organizations, especially B2B sales organizations and B2C companies that sells high value goods… Read more »

Marketing and Sales Alignment: Everything you need to know

A successful way to Grow Revenue It is really fascinating what happens at organizations in which effective Marketing and Sales alignment occurs-they win! As Aberdeen Research reports in 2011, companies that have managed to align successfully Marketing and Sales experienced an average of 20% growth in annual revenue, compared to 4% decline in “laggard” organizations…. Read more »