Sales Pitch: Mythology of Success or Reality

In today’s sales world very few sales reps are familiar with the art of the effective sales pitch. Experts have a mixed opinion about sales pitch and that’s justified because of the circumstances, the timing, the prospects and many other variables that are involved in the process. As we mentioned the word “art”, you have many possibilities to shape your pitch in order to bring conversion. But here, we are going to talk about the common and important points of a successful sales pitch.

An effective way to start your sales pitch is to focus on the prospect. This fact should be considered as a verse from the holy bible of sales industry. Your main focus should be your prospect, this will help design the steps of your sales pitch.

Sales Pitch should be crafted along the way. It should come naturally during the meeting and never be a pre-written script

Question about the above sentences: Focus on prospect but how and why? What do you mean and how is this executed?

Convincing a person to buy your product or service is not always an easy task. Many sales reps struggle with the sales pitch during the selling process. As a sales rep, it is important to communicate a clear idea on how your product or service will effectively help your prospect. However, this happens only if you are completely familiar with your products functions and how it will fulfill your prospects needs. Understand your product and understand your prospects needs. Only then, you can come up with the possible solutions that your product can provide.

In a Sales Pitch, always give full attention to the prospect and never cut them off in conversation.

This behavior typically happens whenever sales reps think that they understand the complete nature of the prospects’ needs on the basis of their previous experiences. This is the wrong approach and a sales rep should never assume that they already know the full needs of their prospect.

Sales Pitch is a two way communication stream. Do not mix them up with the elevator pitches. They are a two different types of narratives used in completely different circumstances.

This is why you should never talk about yourself and yourself alone. You must know your potential customers’ current situation, their objectives and the value they can get from you.
To deliver all these points in your sales pitch,you need to do thorough research before jumping into a sales meeting. This will help you understand in advance the challenges your prospect is currently facing. Not only this but also the knowledge of goals and objective your prospects want to accomplish, and the exact capability and placement of the value your services will provide.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

You already know that the prospects are aware of your competitors. You must have detailed knowledge about your competition to make yourself stand out. For example: If Fileboard’s competitor is offering their product or services at $64/month and Fileboard offers the same exact stuff at $49/month. This price point leaves an impression of difference between products on prospective clients minds. Pricing is just one example of differentiation but focus on how your product and service differentiates in providing value.

You have to put together an excellent sales pitch, which should cover every aspect of the problem.

Listening to your prospect is an important part of the sales pitch, which also makes you understand and realize the challenges they are going through. It is a crucial part of a sales pitch because even if you have done your homework, this never means that you know everything about your prospects concerns or that you know every question your prospects will ask.

Pitching and closing a deal are two different things. With a good pitch you can get your prospect interested. But for closure you need to follow a slightly different approach. A noteworthy thing about deal closures is that you should keep the prospect moving forward with a follow up meeting or a trial period. In other words, it’s your responsibility to finish the sales pitch with a proper call to action, which suits the client’s mood and level of interest.
A successful sales pitch is calculated and never revolves around you. It revolves around your prospects.
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