Month: May 2015

Perfect Sales Follow-up Call can shorten your Sales Cycle

Follow-up call is an essential part of sales cycle. It is more challenging than a cold call because sometimes in a sales follow-up call, you are short of options. However, a sales follow-up call has the power to establish a relationship with the prospect. So it is important to make the most out of it…. Read more »

Marketing Management Optimization Tips for Pros

Marketing management, like any other field, can be tweaked to reach an optimal level. Transitioning your different tasks, teams and marketing processes will eventually pay off. Doesn’t matter what structure you follow, let it be a tall hierarchy with a proper chain of command or a flat structure, you need to make your marketing department… Read more »

Update Your Selling Techniques and Get Results Today!

There are hundreds of different resources on selling techniques over the internet and everyone tries to share their best thoughts on the topic. Some of those tips and thoughts look so difficult to implement. And after going through them, you might rethink your decision to join sales in the first place but we are going… Read more »

People Skills Are A Must For Sales Professionals

Most sales professionals believe that between people skills and management skills, there exists a thin line. However, this is not the reality. People skills are a different set of skills, which allow a person to fulfill his goals with the help of interpersonal interactions. A manager can still manage with little difficulty if his people… Read more »

Sales Motivation Always Lies Within You and Yourself Only!

Sales motivation is what every professional working in the sales industry seeks. From a fresh sales development rep to an experienced top level sales VP, nearly every sales professional is always in need of sales motivation of some type. However, there are some specific and general motivation tips that work for nearly everyone in the… Read more »

Cold Calls: Really a nightmare to Sales Rep?

One of the most frightening tasks for a sales rep is the cold calls function. With hundreds and thousands of companies cold calling even greater number of prospects every day, the feasibility, as well as the function of cold calls is becoming competitive and questionable. However, if you’re assigned to do some cold calls by… Read more »

Modern Sales Funnel Needs Efficient Prospecting & Process

Modernizing your sales funnel is a mainstream practice nowadays. However, understanding of the term modernization varies across industries and opinion leaders. In our meetups with a number of inside sales experts, we identified two different types of improvements that are critical to modernize and perfect your sales funnel for better results. Remember that both of… Read more »