Modern Sales Funnel Needs Efficient Prospecting & Process

Modernizing your sales funnel is a mainstream practice nowadays. However, understanding of the term modernization varies across industries and opinion leaders. In our meetups with a number of inside sales experts, we identified two different types of improvements that are critical to modernize and perfect your sales funnel for better results. Remember that both of these improvements work together.

  • Process improvements.
  • Prospecting improvements.

Process improvements are critical for any sales development team to modernize their sales funnel. With different tools and services available, in order to make your sales funnel efficient, you must choose the right ones that are going to provide maximum value in terms of ROI. Spend some time exploring different services available that can help you minimize the workload and time efficiently. As we said earlier, process and prospecting improvement always works hand in hand. Prospecting is where you should invest most of your time.

Invest in valuable & practical services to improve your Sales Funnel

By now, you would probably be thinking why is it so important to subscribe to different services and what do we mean by investing in practical services with maximum ROI. Let us explain it with a logical example here.

The amount of time your sales development reps spend on searching for leads without any proper service is huge. Going to different social networking websites to find prospects, monitor their updates, checking out their profiles and then manually making lists of potential prospects to approach is really a time consuming and exhausting process. Not to forget the hustle of using multiple services and platforms to perform critical prospecting and sales development functions. Your SDRs will definitely get confused and won’t be able to realize where they are standing and where they have to go. The worst part of following this approach is not only extremely slow growth rate but lagging way behind your competitors.

Competitors who might be investing in services like databases with great filters, which can narrow down results to more potential prospects, sales engagement platforms and analytic services. Investing here will help them understand their target markets better and they will quickly figure out best set of strategies to scale up their growth.
On the same page with us now? Improving your sales funnel will need careful and an expert investment of your time and resources.

Sales Funnel improvement relies heavily on prospecting efficiently and effectively

As simple as it sounds, this should be the main focus of your attention. Prospecting is the most important and a fundamental activity of growing your sales funnel. You can’t ignore it because you have to scale up. Off course you can survive even with poor prospecting. However, the right approach is never about survival. It’s always about acing!

And with proper interest and hard work, you can ace your prospecting milestones. For improving your sales funnel and to bring in good results, you should give good attention to this part.

In prospecting, preparation is of great importance. If you are sending a cold email or simply dialing in on a cold call, you must have everything on the prospect. You need to check the company details, latest news and developments in that company. The preparation never ends here. You have to dig deep and check out prospects’ personal social media accounts as well. What do they like to do in their free time, and where did they have dinner last time. Knowing things like these would give you quite the idea of how you can approach the person to get a response as well as a healthy conversation.

You just don’t have to mention in the subject line of your very first email that your company can do wonders for them. A classic approach would be to write a subject line related to prospects current happenings like “Hey, just noticed that you love chicken wings!” Here you go. You have a subject line that can get your email opened up. Similarly, you can try out different other ways to get noticed without annoying them.

Sales Funnel Improve

Improve Your Sales Funnel Today!

How are you going to find every person’s details on social networks and things happening in their companies? That’s a pretty valid question. As we are emphasizing on investing in services that can help you prospect, you can find a decent number of databases that keep records of companies, their professionals, their current hires, latest news and everything that is going on their social media accounts. Like Avention, ZoomInfo and a few others. Information from these companies can do wonders for your sales funnel IF you remain creative and persistent.

There is another great way of getting a decent open rate. Get connected on social networks with your target prospects and start a non-business digital relationship. Get in to conversations and without trying really hard, make them pick up the phone and get in to a phone call with you.

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The second ingredient to revolutionize your prospecting process is persistence. You need to be persistent and dedicated to what you are doing. With a few leads getting qualified, you will also face a dead end sometimes. Turn around and start over. Get in to contacts, never shy away and never lose confidence. Stay motivated and creative. Also, don’t play a numbers game. Never try to get in contact with a hundred people in one time. Do your research and get in touch with them one by one. A major reason for it is that when reaching out to masses, you won’t be able to do the necessary preparation. Your approach would be too much cosmetic and mainstream. The first impression of yours would be annoying and of an opportunist.

The last ingredient for your sales funnel improvement is persuasion. However, from persuasion we never mean that you should jump right in with an elevator pitch all the time. That era is history now. Instead, make your conversation more sort of like discovering something valuable together. Generate interest of your prospects with something that’s exciting but equally realistic. And the last but not the least, LISTEN. Listen carefully without losing focus. Sending vibes of ignorance, and less interest will harm not only your personal image but will also shatter your company’s reputation.

Follow these guidelines to improve your old school sales funnel by making it efficient and promising!

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