5 Post Sales Funnel Tips for Customer Retention

Sales Funnel is the basic and widely used model to understand, improve, accelerate and grow your companies’ clientele base. However, this is never the end of story. Inside sales managers know the fact that it takes quite a lot of time & resources to hunt a lead, nurture it & take them on board. Once the customers are on board, the real story begins here.

So if you have a decent number of sign-ups then, along with growth, you should also focus on customer retention. You can never guarantee customer retention but an ideal situation for your company is that the total number of customers you get at the end of a sales funnel process should definitely be more than the churn.

We’re going to share 5 basic but very important tips to retain your customers who have signed up after passing through your sales funnel.

  • It’s good to say hello once in a while: Doesn’t matter if your customers have signed up for a monthly, quarterly or an annual subscription. You need to give equal importance to all of them. It’s important for them to be contacted once in a month. How to do that? For starters you can send them a monthly newsletter about the current happenings in your industry and your firm specific developments. It leaves a good impression on your customers so they’ll feel themselves connected to you.
  • Be easy to reach: Apart from being able to contact them on regular basis, have a protocol where your customers will be able to contact you. The traditional helpline and email addresses are a good solution for this. But it’s much easier for a customer to simply tweet you. Have a real life human being managing your social media specifically for this purpose.
Sales Funnel

In a Sales Funnel, every sign-up comes up with cost to nurture & adjustment.

  • Questionnaires are the cheapest way of Brainstorming: It’s really good to send some questionnaires to your customers once in a while. Never include the closed ended questionnaires only. Your customers wouldn’t be able to feel the liberty of sharing their opinions and views. Try to include some open ended questions as well. The information generated here would be much broader, practical and convertible as it’s based on professional hands on experience.
  • Send gifts: From this we don’t literally mean that you should send them with real life gifts but an extra 15 days of subscription. Or if your model is fermium with certain paid features, then once in a while let them use those features. It keeps them motivated and might even make them opt for an advanced plan. It’s basically a trial but it serves two purposes. First to make them feel lucky to have been gifted, and then getting them on a trial in disguise.
  • Never Compromise on Your Quality: It might be the last point on our list but it’s the most important one. Without this, nothing matters. If you are not able to deliver what you promised and what you claim, you are more likely to go south. Your solution should be error free. If you are a SaaS company, there shouldn’t be any bugs or errors. If you are dealing in tangible products, there should be no physical defects at all. Your quality contributes the most towards your brand development. Branding is nothing more than a promise where you charge high to provide unmatchable quality. Live up to your promises.

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These tips are critical for you to follow in any kind of business you are in. If you don’t follow these, you are more likely to lose customers that you spend a lot of cost on in order to take them on board. In case of a SaaS company, this is very true. You cannot afford to have a high churn. You can never follow a leaky bucket model where if you make 50 clients in a month, you also lost 45 or so.

You should pay equal focus to your sales pipeline development as well as your customer retention strategy to keep your customers loyal and dedicated.

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