Sales Development Series: Need of Second Touch & 7 Tips for Improved Follow Up

In today’s era of sales development, the importance of proper follow up and second or even third touches cannot be over emphasized. Studies have shown that one touch marketing just doesn’t work anymore. So have you ever wondered why your fancy telephone call or a sophisticated cold email didn’t work? The answer might be simple; it is the first time that you have contacted them about your product or service and they probably don’t know who you are. And also buyers now a days expect you to know what they are interested in and add value to your conversation.
Sales development reps often overlook the importance of proper follow up which is why most of the follow ups are bound to fail.

Why is second touch so important in Sales?

Getting in touch with your lead only once won’t get the job done for you. The ‘One and done’ tactic doesn’t really work except for when you’re harvesting a low hanging fruit. This hanging fruit might be there for you to pluck just because your competitor did not follow up. Did you know that on average a prospect need 178 days to get sales ready? You will need to nurture these prospects and one second touch might not even be enough.

Don’t just stop there, extra effort always pays off.

Now most of you might be wondering if you should get in touch with your lead after the second touch? The answer to this is YES. In order to get the attention of your prospects, we must check in with them quite a few times to land them as our customers. This classic technique is known as the “Multi touch technique”. It is seen that some of the prospects are often interested but confused about coming onboard with your company even after several contacts. 80% salespeople give up after the 3rd contact. This is where your patience is tested.

You should commit to a good 5-6 months (depending on the average buying cycle in your industry) follow up program for a 6-7 touch lead marketing. By the 5th touch, you are probably well aware of your prospect’s needs and wants. And if you address those requirements, you would become their prime choice for business. Timing is everything as well. Based on your interactions and what content your prospect is interested in, you can determine what next action to close the deal is most appropriate.Sales Development

For Sales Development, follow up on the right time to increase your call to business ratio by 50%

In order to turn your lead into a customer, you first need to build a relationship with him/her. A relationship based on trust and certainly not on haste and annoyance. You don’t want your lead to say “Oh! Not him again” upon getting a call from you. Rather, they should be eager to speak with you. You have to reassure your lead that you understand what he wants and that you’re able to help him and find solution that solves his business issues. May times, your lead gets annoyed by your phone call just because you have chosen the wrong time to call. You need to be extra careful about it and make sure you select the right day and time.

5 sales development tips for better follow ups:

Convinced that multi touches sales approach is the way to go? Here we have 5 tips to improve your follow ups.

1) Thursday is your friend.
Based on the statistical measurements of 50 odd companies, it was found that Thursday is the best day to call. Tuesday and Friday are the worst days of the week where the probability of success decreases by 30-50 percent.

2) Timing is the key.
As it turns out, calling in the pre-office hours between 8-9am gets you through more often than if you make a call between 2-4 pm during lunch time. 12-2 pm is considered to be the worst time to call. Also, 4-6 pm is a good time to get in touch with the lead for the first time as these are the after business hours and your lead would probably pay more attention to you.

3) Holidays can be fruitful too.
Calling on Sundays (not sure this is true? I would hate a commercial call on Sunday) and other traditional holidays works for most of the leads as they are the least busy during this time and you could take advantage of this situation.

4) Shorter is better.
A survey conducted in November 2012 about the impact of speed to call on lead conversion rate shows that summing up a cold call within the first minute increases the lead conversion rate by 391%. It tell us that we should keep our call brief and to the point.

5) Always adjust your strategy.
The final tip is to stay organized and keep updating your strategy according to the sales climate changes. The essence of a good strategy lies in its practicality so make sure you come up with a strategy that is both effective and easy to execute.

6) Have a Dynamic Message & Content
Customize your message, personal emails with relevant content have a 50% more open rate. Customize based on what you have learned in the first steps of the buying process. What content were they more receptive too> which pages did they spend more time on?

7) Have a Dynamic Means of Approach
Use variation in your way of approaching, start with an email, followed up by a call, use live meetings to show what you mean, send a message through mobile etc. Never be boring and stay agile.

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