Month: July 2015

Sales Data: How To Be A Data Driven Sales Manager?

Most of us want to know about the role of a data driven sales manager and how it would have an effect on the team’s overall performance. The role of a sales manager is that of a ship’s captain. He guides his team everywhere and is someone the team can look up to in difficult… Read more »

Increasing Customer Contact Time leads to a better Sales Performance

Customer Contact Time is an essential part of the customer buying process which increases the chances of the customer buying the product. Imagine a person standing in a shopping store; if he is not attended by the sales rep for 5 minutes, chances are that he will leave the store. Similarly in the business world,… Read more »

Sales Funnel: How Healthy is Your Forecast

The concept of Sales Funnel has been used for ages to attract more customers and increase clientele. Even people who aren’t much acquainted with your product are lured towards buying it via sales funneling. It depicts the journey of a customer from first touch to final contact. The first phase of a simple sales funnel… Read more »

Case Study: How GTS Associates increased sales efficiency by 35%

One of the biggest sales challenges is that sales reps waste a lot of time with irrelevant follow-ups. As a sales rep, you constantly email your sales pitch to new prospects, after which you start following up without knowing whether that prospect opened your email, read your pitch and is interested in your product. This… Read more »

Sales Enablement Series: Understanding the Concept

Sales enablement is a concept practiced by many professionals in different sales organization; however, very few sales professionals identify the fact that they are performing activities based on the fundamentals of sales enablement. In reality, if you open up any dictionary, you won’t be able to find “Enablement” as a real word. Just like the… Read more »

Remote Sales: The Power of Visual Support

The concept of remote sales is taking on field sales with rapid speed. From lifestyles to communications, everything is evolving and quickly adapting to the digital technology. In the same way, sales have become more virtual and remote, contrary to the previous face -to- face also known as outside sales. [Tweet “Make your marketing collateral… Read more »

Sales Organizations Need Benchmarking for Improvement

Benchmarking data is nowadays a necessity for sales organizations to do a detailed comparison with the industry averages as well as for future decision making. The strategic issues faced by different sales organizations, their improvements, the enablement of sales organizations to break performance barriers and to be a leader in the industry, will depend critically… Read more »

Enhancing the Sales Touch Points

Sales touch points play a critical role in selling the product to the prospect. Generally speaking, touch points refer to an intersection between the customers and the product which is mostly done through marketing strategies. However, when we speak of sales touch points, the intersection is limited to a place where sale can take place…. Read more »

In Sales Performance Lies Your Answer To Growth

Sales performance matters a lot in the sales profession. As a salesperson, if you aren’t good at what you do, then you are definitely racing towards the bottom of your career. The sales profession has changed a lot and has moved faster towards new dimensions. New competitors emerge with products similar to yours and the… Read more »

The new fresh Fileboard redesign

It’s summer, a time for renewal, refreshment and recommitment. This is exactly what we have been up to at Fileboard and now it is time to share the results with you. We expect to launch a series of great features in the coming months but will start this process with the launch of a beautiful… Read more »