Join the Sales Revolution!


At the 4th of July we’re celebrating how we became a free country in 1776. The revolutionaries of that time freed themselves from a system that sucked with a hard-fought battle. At Fileboard we feel like revolutionaries every day, working hard on revolutionizing the way companies do sales. Join us today, become a revolutionary and read on how much better your life will be after the revolution.

1. Free yourself from logging sales activity

One of the most annoying things to do for sales people is to log sales activity when working on deals. No wonder that 88% of sales people forget to fully or partially log their activity. The problem is, without decent sales activity logging, it’s very hard to achieve an efficient sales process and to get the maximum out of your sales pipeline. It’s impossible to remember everything you did, so logging is essential.

That’s why Fileboard auto-logs all your sales activity within not only Fileboard, but also to Salesforce. As a result sales reps using Fileboard always know what actions they took and are able to follow up much more relevant leads. Fileboard’s auto-logging frees you from…logging.

2. Free prospects from installing screensharing applications

Have you ever had to install GoToMeeting, or Webex to attend an online presentation? Do you remember how much of a hassle that was? In fact, 96% of prospects hate to install an application to attend a meeting. Not to mention that in 38% of installs something goes wrong, or in 23% of the times prospects are not even allowed to install something because of company policies. And that means for you, as a sales rep, that your meeting, and perhaps your prospect is lost. So why do sales reps keep using clunky presentation software that adds so much risk of losing deals? The answer is, until recently there wasn’t a good alternative and now almost all sales reps just take failed meetings and annoyed prospects for granted.

With Fileboard prospects don’t have to install anything. They just open your meeting url in their browser and it just works. Fileboard screenshare frees your prospects from installs, annoyances and frees sales reps from lost meetings.

3. Free yourself from irrelevant follow-ups

Did you ever count how many times you’ve called a prospect to ask if they’ve seen your presentation that you emailed a couple of days ago? I bet you’ve lost count. Not to mention that most of the time the answer you get is negative. As a result you’re annoying your prospect which is never a good thing, but most important you’re simply wasting your time. Time that you could easily spend on following up or closing more deals.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be relevant in your follow-ups? If you could follow-up when you know your prospect has seen your email, or your presentation? With Fileboard you can.

Fileboard tracks your prospects’ engagement on emails and attachments, showing you not only opens but also time spent on slides or pages. We even give you a real-time alert to tell you that a prospect viewed your collateral, so that you can follow-up instantly (research shows that sales reps following up in the first 5 minutes of engagement increase their chances on a successful follow-up by about 78%)

Imagine the power you get as a sales rep! Imagine how relevant and successful you can make your follow-ups. Fileboard frees you from wasting your time, your prospects time, but more important, prospect annoyance.

4. Free yourself from wasting time on generating new leads

Generating new leads is time-consuming. You send out an email to a list of hundreds if not thousands of potential leads, and then you need to constantly check responses and follow-up accordingly to anyone who bites. And you only know who responded when you check responses.

With Fileboard you can setup lead-nurture email campaigns with automated follow-ups. For example, you can send out the first blast of emails, and send an automated follow-up 3 days later to anyone who didn’t open your email. And another one, and another one. Until they bite. And meanwhile, you can focus your time and energy on people that bite. Because as explained in ‘Free Yourself from irrelevant follow-ups’ Fileboard instantly notifies you when someone viewed your collateral. So your campaign is automatically nurturing leads, and you receive a notification each time a potential lead actually viewed your collateral.

5. Free yourself from yourself

Like all people you’re full of routines. You perform tasks in certain ways that you’re comfortable and most acquainted with. But routine stops you from becoming a better sales rep. Because how do you know if your sales routine is actually the best way to get the most out of your sales pipeline? Could you increase revenue and targets if you could analyze and change your routine?

The answer is yes, but it’s extremely hard for people to acknowledge and observe their own routines. Fortunately Fileboard will help you with that. Because Fileboard tracks all your sales activity it is able to analyze that activity and report it back to you. Fileboard’s sales performance analytics enable you to check our own sales performance, compare that to team members, and become a better sales rep.

There’s many more revolutionary features in Fileboard than just those 5 points. But the key take-away here is that when using Fileboard you can achieve more freedom in sales, be more efficient in sales and close deals faster. So get started and join the sales revolution today.