Sales Enablement Series: Understanding the Concept

Sales enablement is a concept practiced by many professionals in different sales organization; however, very few sales professionals identify the fact that they are performing activities based on the fundamentals of sales enablement. In reality, if you open up any dictionary, you won’t be able to find “Enablement” as a real word. Just like the name, this concept has emerged with advancements in inside sales practices and processes. That is why it’s still in a very nascent stage and is quite adaptive to many out of the box ideas that can be used to enhance and boost up the regular sales processes.

Defining Sales Enablement might NOT Be as Tough as It Sounds

In order to increase sales productivity, following a systematic approach to support the sales professional with trainings, enhancement of content and engagement analytics to trigger and maintain successful sales conversations is “Sales Enabalement”.

Sales Enablement

The most important part of the definition is the ability to enhance your content to generate more customer engagement because this plays a critical role in kick starting a conversation.
Another important thing to remember here is that with buyer’s getting educated every single day, sales organizations cannot simply follow a “Shotgun” approach. They have to customize their sales messages and marketing collateral with respect to every single profile that they think can become a potential user of their solution.

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This customization becomes possible after having the ability to understand what information generates positive interest in which particular personas. I cannot stress this point more. The moment when a sales professional successfully identifies and understands the particular information types for particular prospect personas is the moment that guarantees a payoff for the struggle your team went through so far.

This is possible only if you have the right analytics that will quantify the prospect’s attention and engagement levels. Once the hard work is done, you train more reps and make them a part of the process to further speed up the overall sales activities.

Sales Enablement allows you to craft the right message for the right persona

Selling has become a science. Sales enablement ensures you get the right results from your experiments by keeping you in line with your objectives. Just like you conduct an experiment with the right tools and right variables controlled to get a desirable result, that’s the same thing sales enablement concepts, practices and tools do for sales teams. It’s inevitable for the sales organizations and sales leaders to ignore the scientific side of sales and to study their prospects. To do that, sales enablement is your answer.

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