Case Study: How GTS Associates increased sales efficiency by 35%

GTS Associates using Fileboard

One of the biggest sales challenges is that sales reps waste a lot of time with irrelevant follow-ups. As a sales rep, you constantly email your sales pitch to new prospects, after which you start following up without knowing whether that prospect opened your email, read your pitch and is interested in your product. This results in prospects being annoyed by your irrelevant follow-ups, and for you as a sales rep, it means you’ve caused annoyance, lost prospects and wasted valuable time.

Imagine you can make your follow-ups relevant and spot on. That would be a much better start of a relation with your prospect, with a much higher chance of closing the deal, right?

We spoke to Sean Gannon, founder and president of GTS Associates how they solved this problem using Fileboard:


Sean Gannon, Founder and President of GTS Associates

At GTS Associates we do sales development centered around new business development in Aerospace, Defense, Law Enforcement and Mobile Equipment. Our main challenge was that we never knew if prospects even read our emails or viewed our presentation materials. This caused us to waste valuable time following up with leads that had little or no interest in our products.

We started to use Fileboard on a daily basis to send out emails and presentations, and to track which of their prospects are opening those presentations. This enables us to know very quickly which prospects are really sales ready. Before using Fileboard, we were forced to follow up with each and every prospect what resulted in wasting a lot of valuable time. Now that we’re using Fileboard I can easily see if a prospect viewed my presentation, how much time they spent on it, if they forwarded it on to anyone else and how many times they viewed it.

Our sales process was much less efficient before Fileboard. Now we can find out who is really interested in our products much more quickly. As a result Fileboard increased our sales efficiency by at least 35% and in general it has allowed us to be much more efficient.

I would absolutely recommend Fileboard to any company interested in making their Sales Teams more efficient. In addition, Fileboard is very reasonably priced especially when you consider the amount of savings you get from increased sales prospecting productivity.

Hasan considers Fileboard his second home and is working here as an inbound marketing expert. He has an academic background in traditional finance; however, his work experience from quite a long time revolves around startups, digital marketing and advertising.