Increasing Customer Contact Time leads to a better Sales Performance

Customer Contact Time is an essential part of the customer buying process which increases the chances of the customer buying the product.

Imagine a person standing in a shopping store; if he is not attended by the sales rep for 5 minutes, chances are that he will leave the store. Similarly in the business world, if you do not spend an adequate amount of time addressing the customer’s issues and chalking out strategies to fulfill their needs, there is a strong chance that they will not buy your product or service.

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The sales rep should look for ways to optimize the customers movement as they arrive for service. They should create a service delivery environment by organizing customers, their wait time and overall experience. This would eventually enhance the business performance.

Customer contact time is an excellent marketing opportunity.

The sales rep should identify common ground with the customers, for example shared interests. This humanizes the relationship and if a conflict arises it becomes easier to overcome. The customers start liking the sales rep and we all know that people buy from the people they like.

Customer Contact Time

The sales rep should also practice active listening whenever he is indulged in conversation with the customer. Empathizing and reflecting the feelings of the customer leads to a customer that trusts you. One should not forget that all relationships even business relationships are built on trust.

The sales rep should get personal with the customer. Customers’ queries should not be answered through bots or FAQs. The customer needs more than automated email responses. The sales rep should make best use of social networking websites and write response posts on their page.

The better your social media care, the more social media traffic you can expect.

Enhancing the personal touch means that the sales rep should always be accessible to the customer. If the business is an online one, meet in person occasionally with local customers or offer video calls to those living far away. The sales rep should be ready to work early and late as per needs of the customers because some customers are in different time zones.

Offer VIP services to your best customer to let them know that their presence is appreciated. The customers should be asked time to time what special services they would like. The sales rep should set up interviews or run surveys to get this information.

Increase in customer contact leads to better customer satisfaction, experience, and therefore, better business

The customer contact opportunity is not only limited to when the customer is buying a product from you. Even when they are coming for repairs or registering a complaint, the company should not miss out on the opportunity to render excellent services and market other offerings.

However, one should remember that only spending time with the customer won’t enhance sales performance. The sales rep should include the information that he extracts from the customer in to their strategy to increase the sales performance. This would be the best use of customer contact time.

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