Sales Data: How To Be A Data Driven Sales Manager?

Most of us want to know about the role of a data driven sales manager and how it would have an effect on the team’s overall performance.

The role of a sales manager is that of a ship’s captain. He guides his team everywhere and is someone the team can look up to in difficult times. A sales manager who finds inspiration in the data his team has compiled is the one who closes the most deals but, to find the right information with data is like finding a needle in a haystack. This is where the composure of a data driven sales manager is really tested.

Sales data helps you estimate real terms along with tracking your team’s performance.

We mostly come across sales managers who rely solely on CRM but it only tells us part of the story. These metrics only tell you about your team’s negotiation skills and competitive positioning but the basic idea of sales data isn’t just that. It helps the manager identify patterns and overview relationships which in turn help him make better decisions and achieve more predictable outcomes. During that point in time, the manager may alter the patterns as per his needs to improve the overall efficiency of his team’s performance.

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A data driven sales manager:

  1.  Identifies, combines and manages data from various reliable sources.
  2.  Builds advanced analysis based models for accurate forecasts.
  3.  Uses the data models to yield better results in terms of overall performance.

These are the vital steps/components of working with sales data and are self-explanatory. After the manager completes the aforementioned steps, he is then able to see what products are selling, how much they are selling and what the best time to sell them is. Basically, he extracts the necessary information from within the data which is the prime goal of every sales data driven manager.

Sales Data

Apart from this, there are certain traits common in every data driven sales manager’s personality which makes him a leader among his colleagues and boosts up his company’s profile in terms of closing deals and making customers. Some of them are:

  • He should be able to prioritize his decisions.
  • Always has room for improvement.
  • Is always open to suggestions from his sales team.
  • He is able to extract the necessary information from the data provided by his team.
  • Experiments with the data at hand.
  • Appreciates and accepts variation.
  • Introduces new techniques, technology and data into the company.
  • Thinks about solving problems from a diverse point of view.
  • Does not compromise on quality.

.. and finally,

  • Learns from his mistakes.

Proper utilization of sales data is what separates good data driven sales managers from the not so good ones.

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