Month: July 2015

Sales Data can do wonders for your Company

Sales Data is a mix of marketing and sales. It involves techniques that bring a hike in the sales by targeting the right customers.  Time is of high importance to firms and the sales department specifically has to make a lot of effort to generate sales. These efforts require time and only data driven sales… Read more »

Sales Leadership: Do’s & Don’ts for 2015

Sales leadership is a pre-requisite for every top sales professional’s success today. We still find many sales professionals who are hesitant to sell their products with confidence. The reason for this isn’t their lack of knowledge but their lack of leadership. They just can’t connect with the customer as efficiently as is necessary. And it instills the fear of… Read more »

Cold Calling: How to Master the Art of Fruitful Conversation

Cold calling is a stage in the selling process which is feared by the most, but mastered by only a few. It’s completely normal to feel nervous and the harsh reality is that you are going to face a lot of “NO’s” but the key to success is persistence and a set of skills that… Read more »

Join the Sales Revolution!

At the 4th of July we’re celebrating how we became a free country in 1776. The revolutionaries of that time freed themselves from a system that sucked with a hard-fought battle. At Fileboard we feel like revolutionaries every day, working hard on revolutionizing the way companies do sales. Join us today, become a revolutionary and… Read more »

6 Sales Motivation Tips (And 5 Strategies for Achieving Your Goals!)

Sales motivation, like any other kind of motivation comes from within. It gives you the courage and perseverance to do what’s required in order to get the best results regarding your sales, profits, and customer satisfaction. Many of us are under the pretense that “motivation is only motivation if it lasts forever,” but in reality, it… Read more »

Selling Skills That Can Change Your Fortune!

Successful sales reps need to possess a set of selling skills that can differentiate them from others. These skills will not only result in satisfying the quota limit or the target sales for a short period of time but would consequently build better business relationships with your clients. The objective of a sales team would… Read more »