Month: August 2015

New Feature: create and edit Contacts, Companies and Opportunities

With the launch of our contacts feature we’ve added more features to make working with contacts, companies and opportunities easier than ever within Fileboard. You can now create and edit contacts, companies and opportunities. We’ve also increased the amount of available fields for a contact, company and opportunity. Actually we’ve made sure that those fields… Read more »

How to make the best out of your sales engagement plan?

A proper sales engagement plan has become a necessity of the modern day sales manager. Highly engaged customers are ought to purchase more frequently and spend more time on the purchases. They feel like an integral part of the company and in turn provide the company with valuable insight and suggestions to make the product… Read more »

Sales Productivity Metrics Measure the Success of Your Firm

Sales Productivity Metrics come in to play once sales productivity tactics have been applied. Firms need to accept that only the application of sales productivity won’t change the fortunes of the firm. The right strategies need to be implemented in order to ensure success. However, if the strategies prove to be a failure, this does… Read more »

Still Wondering How to Increase Sales Productivity?

Sales productivity has become a necessity in today’s business world. Facts state that almost 2/3 of sales reps fail to reach their annual sales quota goal, worldwide. This shows that there is a huge gap to be filled. Successful firms fill this gap by increasing their sales productivity. It is a concept where sales are… Read more »

Opportunities that Sales Technology Brings In

There was a time when sales technology meant having a phone by your desk to cold call prospects and sell your product. Then came along the age of pagers to set up meetings and check in on your clients to know their needs, which lead to a more evolved technology of sales through e-mailing. It… Read more »

Cold Calling is dead!

Cold calling is a sales pitch call to someone out of the blue, with no referral, no information, no qualification, no relationship or rapport, no trust or credibility, it’s just cold. If that is how cold calling is supposed to be, then surely cold calling is dead. It’s time for warm calling, or as sales… Read more »

The Need for Sales Acceleration Technology

Sales Acceleration Technology becomes necessary to use when the sales reps want to sell both faster and more intelligently. It is a category of cloud based software that’s designed to facilitate and accelerate all processes pertinent to the sales pipeline. It is the bridge between CRM and marketing automation. The sales profession is in a… Read more »

Sales 2.0: Effective Sales Follow-up.

Sales 2.0 is the new age of sales just like an update on some tech app. in your smartphone. This term was first coined in 2006 which implied that it’s about using new age tools like web 2.0 and media to sell your product and close deals more efficiently. This has been rapidly taking over… Read more »

Sales Acceleration: The Modern Science of Sales

Sales acceleration means to accelerate the velocity of the sales process. It is basically the art of removing a delay between the time you approach a prospect and the actual sales transaction. Earlier on, there were a lot of barriers that slowed down the sales process. Now with the advent of sales acceleration, things move quicker,… Read more »