Add value to your sales conversation based on real time prospect insights

Real time prospect insights aid the process of sales conversation between the sales rep and the customer. Giving the customer exactly what they want or even more than what they have thought of is the goal of every successful firm.
Why is it necessary to adopt the real time customer insight technique for an effective sales conversation?

There was a time when people used to travel by ships. Then the world was hit by a revolution with the invention of airplanes which reduced travel time dramatically. Similarly, sales firms should adopt technology, use it in the best possible way to save time and to target their customers more effectively.

Savvy business owners are realizing the benefits of using real time accurate marketing data to enhance the sales conversation.

So how do these insights make the job easier for the sales rep? Let us show you how.

Real time insight sales give the sales rep the power of not only knowing when a prospect opens your email but also precisely how much time they spend on every page. This informs the sales rep where the interest of the customer lies, and if the sales rep is a smart one, they can focus on the details of that page to convince the customers and close the deal on a winning note.

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If the customer forwards the email to someone, the sales rep gets to know about it. Moreover, they get the profile of the people to whom the email is forwarded. This gives the sales rep a chance to increase the pool of prospects where the prospects are relevant as well, keeping in mind the target market.

Sales Conversations

Sales insights have become a necessity in today’s cut-throat competition. With real-time and actionable analytics the sales reps can take the sales conversation to a next level. Knowing the needs of the customer develops a feeling of trust in the customer’s mind for the sales rep. Eventually, this relationship of trust would result in a profitable relation for the firm, not to forget that the needs should not be exploited because that would result in bad profit. Bad Profits occur when a company tries to boost profits by taking away from their customers.

Sales insights help in targeting the right people in the right organizations and dramatically increasing response rates after the sales conversation.

Through the real time sales insight sales rep develops a deeper, more personal understanding of the customers. They build distinctive marketing, sales and go-to strategies for different segments so that they could target them in a better way. Furthermore, this technique reduces sales and marketing costs by investing at the right time in the right place.

As a consequence, the sales rep easily identifies sales ready leads and executes ideal tailored campaigns as per the needs of the customers. This accelerates pipeline creation and simultaneously reduces the sales cycle. Lastly, it brings an increase in the revenue, expands the market share and most importantly helps in retaining the customers.
Real Time Sales Insight gives firms a competitive edge by making marketing more effective and by aiding sales reps in acing the sales conversation.

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