New feature: Drill down sales engagement to Contact level

Fileboard - Dril down to contact engagement

Until now, when you send out collateral to a prospect you had to make the assumption that the person receiving and viewing your collateral was the actual decision maker. Fileboard showed you engagement on company level and you could see how many times your collateral was viewed, and by whom. But we felt this wasn’t enough to truly give sales reps insight into the decision making process of prospects they reach out to. That’s why we take this to the next level and on the 24th of august we’ll be introducing a new feature called ‘contacts’, which enables you to drill down engagement to a contact level.

Using the contacts view you can really see which contacts are generating engagement. You can determine things like

  • did the decision maker see my collateral?
  • was my collateral forwarded to someone else in the company and, based on the engagement score, was that the actual decision maker?

With such insights it will be much easier to steer the deal into the right direction and accelerate your sales pipeline.

Fileboard - Edit contact

We’ve also enabled editing contact information and fetching contacts from Salesforce Leads or Contacts. Last, any action that you take within Fileboard, whether it’s sending an email, file link or performing a live meeting, it will be logged on contact level as well.

This free upgrade will help make your sales process easier and faster and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.